As you will all know by now I have a serious obsession with all things candles and home decor. I have seen Candelle & Co pop up on my Instagram so many times over the last month, I couldn’t not get excited by the fabulous monochrome designs and quirky candles. The Love you soy wax candle has certainly attracted a lot of attention online and of course, I had to have it so here is my Candelle & Co haul…


Fabulous Hand Wash & Room Spray £22.50

This fabulous pink prosecco hand wash and room spray are absolutely divine, not only is the packaging unique, stylish and eye-grabbing it transports you to a place of luxury with a summery fruity fragrance all in one bottle. This is honestly my new favourite room spray, I’ve had some great compliments from friends and family and I always feel happy when I walk into my living room and welcomed with this pink prosecco fragrance. The hand wash smells equally as fabulous and is a great accessory to any bathroom.


Love You Soy Wax Candle £17.60

Now I know not everyone will love this candle (sorry Mum!), but for those of you who love something quirky and unique Candelle & Co have some great soy wax candles! Although this is not a massive candle for £17.60, the design and a wooden wick is something I’ve never seen done before on a candle. You can choose which fragrance you would like in your candle, I went with pink prosecco again as it sounded great and I’m so glad I did! The only difference with a wooden wick is the flame is a little bigger than normal candles and when blowing it out make sure it is fully blown out as mine did relight slightly afterwards.


Soy Wax Melt Pods £2.70

If that wasn’t enough fragrances for you, then Candelle & Co also do soy wax melt pods which can be melted. I use an electric one from Airwick, but you can get candle lit wax burners too. I love using wax melts sometimes as it’s flameless and does fill the room more quickly with fragrance. Out of the four I got, my favourites have to be Thai Bamboo & Coconut and Sugar Rush. They are all very summery scents so I can’t wait to switch things up with the warmer weather and try these new fragrances in my home. I do have the title within my friend group of ‘the nicest smelling home ever’ so I keen to keep that title and I certainly will with all these great new fragrances.

You can visit the Candelle & Co website here, USE CODE: COUPONQUEEN for an exclusive 15% off! A big thank you to the team at Candelle & Co for kindly sending me these goodies to try out. I hope you all have a fantastic week and as always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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