Valentino Replica’s for £20!

Valentino Replicas for £20!Valentino has always been a designer I have admired, his studded shoes collection equally grabbed my attention. At £560 for a pair of shoes my stomach turns even at the thought of spending that much! I was determined to find some good quality replica’s and this is what I found…

Click here to view the updated 2017 version of this blog post with new shoes!

I know buying replica’s isn’t everybody’s cup of tea so this blog is designed to help people save hundreds when buying the same shoe design.


Flat Shoes £20.38 

These are what I ordered, I chose this seller as they had the best feedback and it was faster delivery from China. I am a UK Size 7 and when I got the shoes they were really small! So make sure to order the next size up, delivery took about 10 days and the seller has been really helpful in getting me the next size up. A few of the spikes look a little wonky but they do look very similar to the real deal. Click here to visit the deal.


Heels £16.68

I thought I would include the heel version’s as well as these are more popular than the flats. Again always read the reviews just because something is a few pound cheaper you may never receive it! This seller has great feedback, Click here to visit the deal.

Let me know what you think and if this Blog post has helped you in the comments below!

Emma xx
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  1. Jan

    Please advise when you have any size 41 in the Valentino replicas.

    1. Christina

      Do you have the kitten heel shoes in size 8 / 41 please in beige /cream

  2. Anna

    Hello have you any UK size 6 or 7 in he nude colour please

  3. Bernadette

    Hi do you have wedges

  4. Sarah

    How high are the heels?

  5. Sonia

    Hello do u have trainers and hand bags?

  6. Mary

    i I need rose gold low heel in vaelition shoes please can you help me

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