Vlogging Is Addictive…

So some of you may or may not know that I am now Vlogging on Youtube! The whole concept of it really scares me. Before appearing on ITV1’s Bargain Britain, no one really knew who I was (I kind of liked this!). I’ve always kept a certain privacy level to my private life. In the past I was offered money from a National newspaper to sell my story on my ex and my past in debt.

First of all, who wants to read about that, I didn’t wan’t to cause stress in my own life and didn’t want to give that p**** any more attention than he deserves. Also, for new followers or existing it’s all about Couponing and saving money not the past and didn’t want to cloud this over just for a bit of cash. Couponing is such a debated topic and doesn’t have a very positive image at the moment, Bargain Britain really portrayed us all well and in a positive light. I’m hoping this has changed people’s outlooks in a positive way.

So I have been Vlogging for over 4 weeks now and have had great support from all you lovelies! Nearly 900 subscribers! I think you all being able to see how I do this and putting a face to the name adds not only a personal touch but you get to join me along the way throughout my adventures. I really look forward to doing them and I really think it has improved my anxiety in public. Before I was very nervous when alone walking around shops, supermarkets e.t.c Now I almost feel like I have you all in the camera cheering me on. I often get people stop me in public now, I just think they’re lost then they say “You save me so much money I love your Vlogs!” It still feels very surreal and I love meeting you all and sharing money saving stories.

Do I get embarrassed? At first yes I did. You think “I look really silly”! But so many people film their own lives nowadays, I soon became comfortable and at ease rambling on to myself. I’ve had a few difficulties especially in Primark they thought I was a competitor brand stealing their designs! You have to laugh about these things and I don’t think the security guy got the gist of free promotion for Primark. Most stores are really accommodating and are really intrigued by what I do. I try to include a variety of content to satisfy all your Coupon needs and Bargain Hunting, but please leave any suggestions below in the Comments I would love to know what you think!

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Emma xx
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