A couple of weeks ago I hosted my second sold-out Spiritual Queen Summit in the heart of London with fifty of you beautiful souls and our amazing guest speakers. I know those who couldn’t make it are eager to see what we got up to and what the day involved so I thought I’d give you a break down this week and include the official photos and video for you to have a look at!

The Speakers

I hosted two workshops throughout the day on my new book Positively Wealthy and manifesting abundance regularly. I also invited along four of my spiritual peers and friends to also deliver kick-ass workshops throughout the event. Aisha Carrington gave a beautiful talk on all things self-love and did an empowering meditation and cleansing with the ladies. Sachin Sharma then delivered an inspirational talk on mindset, how he recovered from depression and how he’s turned his life around which left everyone inspired by his incredible story. Hannah Wallace delivered a divine feminine workshop including meditation and chanting later on in the day which is always fun to try with people. Finally, Sean Patrick the CEO of That Guy’s House my first book publishers came and did a talk on how to birth the book within you, be creative and share your story with the world. I loved everyone’s talks and felt we all covered such great diverse topics which all really complimented each other. For me, it’s important that I know my speakers work well and trust them as it’s my event and reputation at the end of the day. As we all know each other well the speakers and my helpers – we came together to powerfully hold the space that day and witnessed healing, transformation, and alignment which was incredible and many commented on how safe they felt in that room.

The Goody Bags

Now on to the good bit well it was all great but who doesn’t love a goody bag! I was blown away by how generous and kind our brands were for this year’s event. As always I only work with brands I use and trust so in this year’s goody bag we had over £45 worth of products for our guests to enjoy. Products included were from the awesome guys at Tisserand who sell great essential oil products if you haven’t heard of them before. Rescue Remedy kindly included a spray in the bags for everyone, Bioglan included one of their supergreen superfood powders and finally, Tenzing provided a drink for each guest and a whole load extra for them to enjoy throughout the day. Everyone commented on how tasty these natural energy drinks are! It was great to be able to include natural and wellness focused products including my own moon journal range and rose quartz piece for everyone which can be found on my shop website and Etsy store. A big thank you to the brands who kindly provided products for guests and speakers on the day it was incredible to be able to offer these and even introduce new products to our guests!

The Day

So what else happened on the day I hear you ask? Well, the hotel we held the event in kindly offered guests tea, biscuits and cake during the break which is always a bonus! We raised the vibes in the room through high vibe dancing, meditating and chanting and created a safe space for guests to open up and ask their questions throughout the day. I also provided in one of my talks an oracle card from my Spiritual Queen deck in each goody bag randomly and got each Queen to tune into her heart and ask for guidance before revealing their answer. We also held a panel talk at the end of the day with myself and other guest speakers where once again Beyonce was the main topic of conversation thanks to Sean! I also did a meet and greet at the end and got to talk and spend time with each Queen which was my favourite moment. It was also lovely to see members from my Manifestation Membership meet up together and for us all to have a group photo. It was great to see the smiles echoed throughout the room and the fantastic feedback on social media afterwards. I love doing these events so it brings me great joy to see everyone enjoy them too.

The Shop

We also had spiritual products available on the day for guests to purchase. I brought my book, planners, oracle cards and desk planners along which can all be purchased on my website shop and Etsy store including the NEW and improved 111-day The Positivity Planner which was showcased at the summit. Aisha also brought along her new product range that she’s launching soon including aura sprays, essential oil rollers, and sage bundles.

So there you have it guys the Spiritual Queen Summit 2020! A big thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day with us, my fantastic friends and helpers on the day who helped make sure everything ran smoothly and high vibe. Thank you to my guest speakers for coming and sharing your incredible work with us and Kwame Duodu for capturing the photos and videos showcasing the day. Also apologies to the other half of the room and Sachin who is cut out of the group photo I don’t think the photographer’s lens was wide enough to fit everyone in! It was such a fantastic day I wish I could do it every weekend with you all! I can’t wait to bring this to you in 2021 again and create even more spiritual queen magic with you all. Tickets will go on sale later on in the year around September time. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Video Of What We Got Up To…


Emma xx
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  1. Til Lindermann

    Thank you for a lovely day Emma! Loved listening to Hannah, Aisha, Sachin and Patrick. What an amazing woman Hannah is xx. The room felt warm and full of love and beautiful vibes and look forward to attending again next year. Thank you again lovely xxx

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