Has anyone else felt like Mercury Retrograde has been really kind this time around? Well apart from experiencing emotions and thoughts arising because of the deep Pisces emotional energy I’ve actually ended up manifesting some amazing things over the last few weeks to my shock! That’s why this week I wanted to touch upon how we can tap into the stream of abundance and welcome in manifestations.

Literally Tap

Now you may know about the term ‘tap into’ but literally you can use tapping to tap into the stream of abundance too. If you know my work well you’ll know I’m a lover of Brad Yates who is the EFT king over on YouTube. Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way to shift stuck energy within you. Whether it’s deep emotions or fears these can all create resistance to abundance. Remember the famous saying ‘We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitations’. So try out tapping today if you haven’t heard of EFT before or maybe you needed this reminder to tap into abundance this week.

Create The Space

Think about a stream if you had litter, logs and debris building up could the stream of abundance flow freely? No, it couldn’t so think of your mental and physical environment as the same stream. Your home, workplace and mind are where you spend your most time each day so make sure this isn’t cluttered up. Have you sorted through your home recently and cleared things out that don’t serve you anymore or you don’t use. If you have clutter in your home, you can guarantee there’s clutter in your mind which will result in clutter being in your abundance stream also. I always find with manifestations or abundance in particular once I have a good sort out, tidy up that messy cupboard I’ve been avoiding, or really address anything in my life I’ve been avoiding I create the space and before you know multiple great things are happening.

“Think about a stream if you had litter, logs and debris building up could the stream of abundance flow freely? No, it couldn’t so think of your mental and physical environment as the same stream.”

Be Flowing

I know I’m making a lot of stream references but they just keep on flowing! So this leads me nicely onto how you should be flowing with your life more. Often we can become rigid in how things need to happen or how we see our life panning and often Queen you can become your own god damn log in your stream of abundance. This is why when you become flowing with life, become present and focus on your happiness here in the now you release ‘how’ you think a manifestation should be and allow it to flow to you. This is why it’s always important to say ‘this or something better’ when setting your desires because then you become flowing with the rhythm of the Universe and allow whatever is for your highest good to enter your life.

Be Crystal Clear

Once again just like your abundance stream be crystal clear with your intentions and your vibration. Are there any limiting beliefs or emotions that are lurking below the surface of your stream which is causing the stream of abundance to not be as clear as you’d hoped? Make sure that you are specific with your manifestations and that your vibes are in alignment with this desire too, so do you believe you are worthy of it for example? Do you feel good energy towards this manifestation regularly or do you sit and think of the lack of it in your life? Once you have clarity in your desire and in your vibration you’ll notice how much clearer the Universe will be with you too.

Connect To Water

Finally, connect to water because it can be pretty powerful! Whether it’s imagining yourself being cleansed in your shower as the water falls over you or even just drinking more to feel hydrated water can be a great manifestation technique. Cleansing yourself and crystals regularly is important and water does both of these as well as your intention. When you’re next in the shower imagine the water being a bright white light washing away any negative vibes or anything that’s no longer serving you. The water elementals are also known for helping with the depths of our emotions like the depths of the ocean. So if you’re feeling called to work with water more this certainly could be why. Finally, there are lots of great manifestation techniques out there that actually use water – the two cup method is one (I have a YouTube video on this explaining what to do). Also, writing affirmations and putting a bottle or glass of water on top of it, speak your affirmation into this water and leave it overnight. Then in the morning read your affirmation again and drink the water now infused with this energy. I’ve heard lots of great things about this method so make sure to try it what have you got to lose?

So there you have it guys my top tips on how to tap into the stream of abundance and welcome in your manifestations. I hope these tips have sparked some inspiration in you today to focus on your stream of abundance and how you can help it to flow into your life. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. I’ve also recently launched my updated 111-day Positivity Planners over on my website shop so make sure to take a look if you love journals! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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