Trust is one thing that has come up a lot for me over the past few years and I’m certain has been a running theme in your life too. We’re told to trust the process, trust ourselves, trust the universe, trust in divine timing – the list goes on but today I want to explore with you how you can lean into trust and really trust all aspects of your life.

For me, over the years I’ve always been naturally drawn to being in my masculine energy rather than in my feminine which caused an imbalance which manifested as chronic acne on my face and body and I felt disconnected to my womanhood in general. When I learned about the two energies I realised where I’d been going wrong. I then picked up Gabby Berstein’s The Universe Has Your Back and I realised that I’ve never trusted a day in my life! I’m a Virgo it’s in my DNA to control, be prepared for everything and need to know the outcome to everything. Gabby’s book really changed my life and the Universe supported this lesson too by pulling the rug from under my feet in all areas of my life – anything I was controlling the Universe tested me to a point where I learned what real trust was. I had no choice looking back these lessons as tough as they were taught me to balance my feminine energy, truly trust and surrender which is all a key part of using the Law of Attraction.  So I want to share some tips with you of how you can flow more with your feminine energy and trust whatever situation or feelings you find yourself in right now. Learning to trust on all levels freed me it’s weird I thought trusting would do the opposite but surprisingly through learning trust, I trust the uncertainty even more!


One thing I used to doubt was my intuition as I was spiritually awakening I’d also put my trust in others and not in myself. This was completely disempowering me and not helping me develop my intuition at all. It was stopping me from following my own path and following my own inner sat-nav, so my main message to you today is trust yourself. Trust yourself fully your intuition is never wrong and a way you can lean into divine trust is by listening to your intuition every step of the way, as A Course In Miracles says ‘Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.’ This has been a quote I’ve lived by over the last few years it really helped me to see the bigger picture and release my fear-based thoughts. So trust yourself more Queen stop looking for external validations or answers and go within. Follow your gut, trust your heart and know that connecting to your intuition will help you to lean into divine trust.


Surrendering the outcome is also a part of the manifesting process alongside letting go. Surrendering and becoming detached from the outcome is vital in order to manifest your desires and it can also be the main cause of your distrust in the Universe. I know myself I wanted to cling onto my manifestations because I had to make them happen. This wasn’t co-creation at all, the Universe wants us to go 50% so it can meet us 50% of the way also. So sit with yourself honestly today and look at your manifestation list, which ones do you feel attached to and controlling and which ones do you feel detached from and at ease? Surrendering and trust go hand in hand really so face your worst-case scenario here because that’s really where the distrust lies is under the fear that the Universe can’t deliver it to you or that it won’t happen. Face this fear, look at your plan b and then work on becoming okay with both outcomes. This is divine trust knowing that you can trust yourself, the Universe’s plan and trust in divine timing by surrendering.

“This is key with trusting, allow the Universe to take you to where you need to be – when you flow with life you arrive at your destination so much faster.”


Being in the flow is a great divine feminine trait and once again something I certainly never used to do! I loved routine, structure, and certainties. I bet you can relate to a few of these feelings as well none of these masculine traits were helping me trust in anything I really was in my own way. So step out of your own way Queen and allow yourself to flow with the Universe, it’s plan, it’s timing and everything in between. If you’re feeling triggered by this and upset then this is a key sign that you need to surrender and learn to trust. So often we hold onto things too tightly meaning we can’t allow it to enter into our lives if we aren’t flowing. I always love to share the ocean analogy here – imagine if you were in deep water and you were splashing about, trying to go against the current, and panicking you’d sink pretty quick. Yet if you surrendered and allowed yourself to float with the current you’d arrive at the shore a lot quicker! This is key with trusting, allow the Universe to take you to where you need to be – when you flow with life you arrive at your destination so much faster.

Redirect Focus

Finally, redirect your focus if you’re constantly obsessing about something or worrying you’re not trusting! My best advice is to follow the above steps and then redirect your focus onto what is working well in your life. Bring yourself into the present moment and ground yourself there, become comfortable in the present and focus on what is happening here and now. Sometimes all our manifestations need is for us to look the other way and focus on something else entirely as then we automatically install trust and that the Universe is sorting the rest. Then boom it’ll show up! So allow yourself to redirect your focus when you feel you’re in a stage of being okay with both outcomes and that the Universe has your back – because it really does!

Remember you are exactly where you’re meant to be in life and following the above steps will allow you to lean into divine trust and trust yourself more than anything. Learning how to trust fully in all areas of my life as well as my own intuition was powerful work for me and I hope it will give you the freedom you deserve to feel also in life. I hope my post this week has inspired you and given you some great tips to go away and implement. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. I’ve also recently launched my updated 111-day Positivity Planners over on my website shop so make sure to take a look if you love journals! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Holly Clark

    Love this and needed it today. I am very list and routine based (also a Virgo) and it is so hard not to plan ahead or even plan my day. Thank you Emma for your wisdom and help ? xxx

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