As we face uncertain these times currently, I wanted to be doing a blog post this week on what we can do to prepare for the Spring Equinox this Friday. With everything that’s going on globally I felt this topic was much more appropriate and needed on how we can navigate these times of anxiety, fear, social distancing, and self-isolation.

It’s hard to believe when the news first broke back in January that today we’d be here three months on facing lockdown here in the UK and across the globe. It’s certainly been a nervous few weeks seeing everything unfold and facing the reality that we will have to self-isolated and potentially not be able to work until things get better. What’s important to remember here is this too shall pass.

Whether you’re feeling anxiety and fear over this time or you are self-isolating I wanted to share my top tips and advice on positive things you can do with this time and how to keep yourself grounded.


To help relieve your anxiety I suggest taking walks in nature often, ground yourself into mother earth, meditating and allow yourself to become present. Focus on today only and what you have planned, be present with these plans and remember right here and now is all we have control over so how do you choose to spend your day today – worrying or trusting, fearful or happy? Check-in with your loved ones, the elderly and vulnerable too over calls, video calls or text. We are blessed to live in a time where we are so connected by technology so remember connections and kindness are never canceled. It’s an important time to check in with your loved ones to make sure they are okay but also for you to talk about how you’re feeling and about any fears you may have. This is the quickest way to move emotions through you, witness them and see them for what they are just fearful thoughts. Then do something physical to shift your mood and move the emotions through you ie. taking a walk or dancing. This is definitely the time to be focusing on self-love and self-care too to make sure that your cup is full right now.

Reduce your exposure to news channels and newspapers if you’re feeling negative when watching them. It’s important to have awareness and be informed but focusing on statistics and some news could even be misinformation, this will only add to your fear and anxiety not help it. I follow ‘The Happy Broadcast’ on Instagram this is a page dedicated to sharing positive news throughout the world and has posted lots of positive news around the virus, like recovery rates, that the water in Venice is the cleanest it’s been in over 60 years, etc. 

We are blessed to live in a time where we are so connected by technology so remember connections and kindness are never canceled


If you are currently social distancing, self-isolating or on lockdown around the world it can seem like a daunting time losing your daily routine and even not working. For myself, as a small business, the next few weeks feel very uncertain and I’m sure many other businesses are in the same boat as I am. So remember to shop locally where you can and support small businesses online in a way that feels good to you as many are facing uncertain times ahead and possible closure. 

There are many positive ways to spend this newfound time that you have on your hands, the most important thing is to not lose your daily routine. Routines can give our days structure and help keep our minds focused. So if you go to the gym daily for example, make sure you are still working out at home regularly. Make sure you’re still doing your spiritual daily practices also, gratitude in uncertain times is key to keep you focused on the positives and appreciative of what’s going well in your life currently. There are many things to be grateful for right now like your health, loved one’s health too, the food in your cupboards, the technology you have to connect with your loved ones – the list goes on!

Think also in these times how you can be of service? If you’re a business owner and find yourself out of work how can you be of service to others differently right now? For me it’s been connecting with you guys online, doing Instagram and Facebook live’s where we meditate and do EFT to relieve anxiety. There are multiple ways we can all step up as lightworkers currently to help those around us and in our communities. 

Also, think about what have you been avoiding recently? Is it that messy cupboard in the kitchen, self-love or any emotional work you’ve needed to do but haven’t had the time, now you do Queen! Use this time productively I’m all here for Netflix but why not learn a new skill, get crafty, learn a new language or take an online course on Udemy for example, most courses only cost £11.99! Whatever is this is not the time to do nothing, yes it’s a time to slow down and I think for a lot of people they will find themselves re-evaluating what it is they want to do with their lives and how they spend their time moving forward. 

So I hope this blog post this week has given you some great practices to go and try and also what to do with your self-isolation time currently. If you’d like to read my previous blog post on what you can do for Spring Equinox this Friday then you can find the post here. I’ve also opened up the doors two months early to my Manifestation Membership after many of you requested it. To allow those who need it during these times to join our high-vibe community, receive my group coaching and get daily and monthly content from myself to keep you focused and your vibes high. It’s super low cost and all information can be found here on how you can join us if you feel called to. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a great week and stay safe whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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