The last few weeks have definitely felt uncertain and with many countries going into lockdown the UK included. I’ve had to navigate these uncertain feelings and fear myself so this week I wanted to share with you how you too can navigate uncertainty right now and find peace in these challenging times.

Turn Towards The Light

Right now is the perfect time to turn towards the light, all forms of light. Make sure even in self-isolation you’re getting nature time and sunshine where you can. It times like this I’ve realised I’m extremely lucky to have my own garden I can sit in and soak up the sun. So as well as physical light it’s important to also focus on the light within us too, the divine light and in other words positivity around us. What can you turn to right now? Gratitude, meditation, joy, laughter – whatever it may be find what light means to you in these times and focus on this during the uncertainty as this will help you stay in your heart space and centered. For me, these practices have been so important because as collective fear arises in me I’ve noticed my old anxiety patterns have been triggered and I’ve had to remind myself that I can leave the house if I want to and I’m not in that position anymore. So if your past is being triggered whether it’s anxiety or if you have a chronic illness and you’ve had to isolate yourself before know this is normal for these flashbacks to happen and remember to be kind to yourself when these feelings arise.

Finding Peace

Finding peace in a situation like this can be hard, with so much unknown and collective fear it can be hard to just ‘trust’ and believe everything will be okay when people are sadly losing their loved ones around the world. I’ve been asked why I think this is happening and I think it’s irresponsible to be guessing right now. No spiritual teacher or guru knows for sure and I think it dehumanises the reality for many people experiencing illness and grief whether they’re spiritual or not. One day I’m sure there will be a divine reason for all of this but right now to find peace stop asking why. We all want to know why this is happening but like with any area of our life or manifestations sometimes we don’t know why things happen until further down the line and our job is to not question it but instead flow, find peace and work with what we’ve got here in the present moment.

“Listen to your heart what does it want you to do right now? Maybe it is read a book, rest, learn something new or exercise but take it day by day.”

Present Moment

This is my number one top tip for navigating uncertain times because when we’re future tripping we just cause ourselves unnecessary anxiety over things that haven’t or maybe won’t ever happen. It’s easy to think about how long this may go on for and how many weeks you’ll have to be on lockdown for but all we have is right now, with things ever-changing all we can do is focus on today. Focus on what you have right here right now and how you can make today as enjoyable as possible for yourself and your loved ones. Having a routine really helps to keep you present and your mind occupied during these times – it’s hard to say just focus on the positive’s and have fun because really we’d all want our freedom and this to be under better circumstances. So I’m not here to tell you that I’m here to challenge you to think about what you can do right now to make the best of this situation.

Listen To Your Heart

Finally, there seems to be a lot of noise online about how much you should be doing throughout this time. Obviously, if your children are being homeschooled now it’s important to keep them focused and yourself too if you’re working from home. Apart from that there should be no pressure to do anything – listen to your heart what does it want you to do right now? Maybe it is read a book, rest, learn something new or exercise but take it day by day. I keep seeing this meme about how Shakespeare wrote King Leah during the black plague when he had to stay inside, but I think having these legendary expectations on ourselves will only result in comparison rather than you tuning in to what your heart and soul wants you to do right now. Go in and listen your intuition will never do you wrong, the worst thing you can do right now is burn yourself out Queen. This is a time to slow down, come back into your heart space and reevaluate what is a priority for you right now. And what a blessing this time at home is for us right now all those times we’ve all said “if only I had the time” well now you do Queen so witness the blessing here with time. If you’re meant to birth a book or creation during this time you will trust in that divine timing. Over anything trust in yourself.

I hope this blog post has given you some great tips and tools to keep you going during these times and a friendly reminder that we’re all in this together and experiencing this for the first time in our generation. If you would like some extra support right now I’ve also opened up the doors again two months early to my Manifestation Membership after many of you requested it. To allow those who need it during these times to join our high-vibe community, receive my group coaching and get daily and monthly content from myself to keep you focused and your vibes high. It’s super low cost and all information can be found here on how you can join us if you feel called to. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to in your homes. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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