Over the last week or so I’ve had a lot of questions from you guys whether or not we should be manifesting right now and focusing on our goals. This was a really interesting point to explore and after many of you said you’d seen people online promoting that this was the perfect time during lockdown to manifest your dream life I thought it was time to bust the bs on this one!

Like with everything you are the best judge as to whether you should be manifesting your desires right now, but most people I’ve spoken to and even myself I know that with the collective fear, change, and uncertainty around us right now it’s been harder to maintain a positive vibration. This leads me to my first point – vibration. We all know with the Law of Attraction that you must be in alignment with your manifestation to bring it into your reality, so honestly look at your vision board or manifestation list right now do you feel in a good place to be putting energy towards them? Whether it’s during a worldwide pandemic or when things are normal in your life sometimes we just need to put the manifestation list down and allow ourselves to re-align and re-focus. I myself haven’t felt called to set myself manifestations for the month ahead or even longterm it didn’t feel right and my energy has felt drawn elsewhere. So if you do decide to take a break from manifesting during these times it’s not going to set you back or undo all the good work you’ve done up until this point either. In some cases, you may even find by putting your manifestations down and focusing on yourself and the present moment that you end up manifesting your desires much quicker because you naturally let go and surrender. Maybe all that’s needed here from you is to create the space to allow these into your life?

“This isn’t a time for us to be focusing on our own goals and desires. It’s a time to use manifestation for the highest good to not only help yourself but the collective and mother nature too.”

Also, let’s look rationally here if you’re currently manifesting your dream house for example are you in a position to take inspired action with this house? Yes, you can look online to see what properties are available but it’s not like you can go and view any houses or even push ahead with the moving part either. So for some, it may be physically impossible to take inspired action to help bring your desires into your reality too. This is okay though what I’m really finding with my own desires and with my clients is that by taking a step back and focusing on self-love and downtime right now it’s allowing a new sense of awareness to come in. I’m describing this time like Mercury Retrograde we all know that we can be forced to slow down during the retrograde to re-evaluate and re-focus our energy this is exactly the same scenario. Although Mercury is stationary right now this lockdown is giving us the same experience in terms of going within, being with ourselves, having time to prioritise what we need to, maybe even re-evaluating our priorities and what we want to focus on moving forward. This goes with your manifestations too once we come out of this you’ll feel refreshed, reset and refocused meaning you’ll have a new sense of awareness and perspective with your manifestations which one again will only benefit you!

With all this being said it doesn’t mean you should stop manifesting all together really the focus is here in this post is to explain to you why focusing on your desires probably isn’t the best idea currently and to relieve you of that pressure. There are however great ways you can use your manifesting abilities to help yourself and others through these uncertain times. This isn’t a time for us to be focusing on our own goals and desires. It’s a time to use manifestation for the highest good and to not only help yourself but the collective and mother nature too. A great way to use manifestation for yourself right is through better thought-feeling. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful use the Law of Attraction to decide how you want to feel today. This may seem really simple but it’s a great way to help you maintain a positive vibration and take control of what you can right now which is your emotions and choosing how you want to feel today. Also visualise yourself healthy, the same with your loved ones and family. Call upon Archangel Raphael’s help to also surround you and your loved ones in angelic green healthy energy. Don’t stop there though it’s great to manifest for yourself and loved ones but extend those manifesting powers to the collective too. The collective needs our positive vibes and intentions – so imagine the collective feeling safe, held, supported, healthy and well. Envision us all out of lockdown happy and enjoying life outdoors once again and socialising. See mother earth repairing herself during this lockdown time and nature flourishing again.

We can use the power of manifestation to help so many, so in my honest opinion, that’s what we should be focusing on right now. How we can be of service to ourselves and others for the highest good. Our dreams and goals can wait, we have so much time to achieve them, they’ll be sat waiting for us when it’s time and you feel ready to pick them up again with a renewed focus and awareness.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips on what you can be manifesting for yourself and others during this time. If you would like some extra support right now I’ve also opened up the doors again two months early to my Manifestation Membership after many of you requested it. To allow those who need it during these times to join our high-vibe community, receive my group coaching and get daily and monthly content from myself to keep you focused and your vibes high. It’s super low cost and all information can be found here on how you can join us if you feel called to. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to in your homes. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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