This question came up in my membership this week so I thought now would be the perfect time to share these tips with those who are struggling to manifest and think manifesting just isn’t working for them. The truth is the Law of Attraction is always working for every soul whether you consciously notice it or not. So this week let’s dive into why you may not be manifesting your desires currently…

Are You Being Clear Enough?

A block I see frequently with my clients or even myself sometimes is we’re just not being clear enough. I was recently reminded of this by the Universe, I was passively manifesting and getting annoyed when shifts weren’t happening – yet I wasn’t being clear and asking for what I wanted to happen! The Universe is not a mind reader the more clear you are on your desires the Universe can reflect that clarity back to you. So if you’re wanting to manifest a lover for example don’t be vague, sit down and write a list of all the qualities and characteristics you’d like to have in this person. Now apply this clarity to all of your manifestations. Also, another aspect of clarity is your vibration I thought I was clear as day by my energy didn’t reflect that clarity, on one of my manifestations I’d become fearful, upset and in complete lack mode. It was important that I processed those feelings but equally, it’s important to make sure that the energy you’re sending towards your desires whether that’s affirmations, visualisations, etc are as clear as your intention.

Are You Going 90% Of The Way?

Another common mistake I see is thinking that you have to go 90% of the way to manifest your desires. Queen step back and remember manifesting is co-creation with the Universe. You are not doing this alone and if you’re not allowing the Universe to step in and deliver your manifestation to you then this is why they’re not appearing. This is part of the letting go and surrendering process – becoming completely okay with your manifestation not happening and holding that vision that it will happen for the highest good in the perfect timing. Surrendering and letting go is one the hardest steps in the manifesting process because it’s not something you can do once and nail, it’s a continuous practice where you have to check in with your attachment to your desire and see how you can surrender it some more. Remember inspired action is great but the Universe wants to meet you halfway.

Are You In Your Own Way?

This may again be something you’re not consciously aware of but you really can be in your own way (coming from many experiences in my own life). I’m a Virgo it’s in my DNA to control everything and learning how to step out of my own way and allow spiritual support and solutions into my life was hard. Learning how to trust in the divine plan, divine timing and something better also felt alien to me, but over time it was the most freeing work I’ve ever done on myself. So let me ask you today do you trust that the Universe will deliver your manifestations? Do you feel worthy and deserving of them? A lot of this comes down to trust in the divine and trust within yourself. When you’re repeating your affirmations and visualising does it feel like a chore? Does it feel good for you to do these regularly? Do you even believe your affirmations? If not simplify them this is the key to manifesting. Everyone has a unique manifesting style so I encourage you to find this, what I say or other Law of Attraction teachers share won’t work for everything because Queen we’re all unique. So mix up your routine if it’s not working for you and have fun with manifesting because fun energy is the ultimate abundance attractor! Find some fun new ways to manifest and try them out what have you got to lose?

“It’s important to make sure that the energy you’re sending towards your desires whether that’s affirmations, visualisations, etc are as clear as your intention.”


Are You Doing The Inner Work?

Next up is a big one people avoid and I myself avoided the inner work for quite some time when I first found the Law of Attraction. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do all I’ve done or even what others have, doing the inner work means removing the blocks that stand between you and your manifestation. So as an example once again if you were wanting to manifest a lover, if deep down you still have wounds to heal from your previous relationships or if you have limiting beliefs surrounding men for example like ‘all men leave’ this is where the inner work needs to be done. Look for your triggers, look at your belief system and take note of what your inner critic (ego) is saying. Here lie all the clues to doing the inner work and releasing these for good. Only once you’ve done the inner work can the Universe bring your desires to you and from experience, you become a much happier person anyway from doing this work and healing so really as uncomfortable as it may to look at this work head-on and explore it, it’s going to allow you to be free from your past, happy and also bring your desires to you.

Are You Missing The Signs?

Finally, are you missing the signs? What I mean by signs is your spirit team helping you along the way. Whether you connect to spirit guides, angels or elementals whatever it may be you have a kick-ass dream team in spirit who are here to help you every step of the way. All you need to do to access their help is to invite them in and call on their support. You may notice repeating numbers, feathers, animals or words following you these are all how you’re team can communicate with you as well as in meditation and hearing them etc. So ask your team today, invite them in and ask ‘what is my next step with this manifestation? You could even use some oracle cards as they will give more specific answers to your questions. You don’t have to do this alone and I’ve found asking for what to do next is powerful as the answer always arrives. So if you need to shift something, work on something, or focus on another area your team is here to tell you that and help you get to where you want to be.

So there you have it guys my top tips on what to do if you’re struggling to manifest currently, remember everyone is capable of manifesting and we are always creating our realities whether we notice or not – maybe you even manifested this blog post? One tip that has really helped me and clients in the past is to write a list each month of everything you’ve manifested (whether it was a quick thought manifestation or you properly wrote it down and worked towards it). Write all of them down it may be helpful to do this weekly so you don’t forget them and soon enough you’ll see how much you really are manifesting into your life regularly. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. This week I’ve launched my updated 111-day Positivity Planners over on my website shop so make sure to take a look if you love journals! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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