Whether you’re an empath, a lightworker or a Spiritual Queen we all need to take note of our sensitivity to energy sometimes and how to protect this regularly. Protecting your energy is essential to your wellbeing, happiness, and emotional state too so this week I wanted to give you some quick and easy ways to protect yourself regularly and how you can manage your sensitivity on outings and around your loved ones.

Choose Your Environment Wisely

I first started noticing my sensitivity to energy when I would go out drinking alcohol with my friends, I never used to drink heavily but the more I stepped into my spiritual shoes the more it affected me and would kill my vibe quite literally. I’d always have a spiritual hangover the next day even after one drink! I’d feel low vibe, tired and really had to work to clear the funky energy I felt and over time I realised alcohol just wasn’t for me anymore and that it was giving me more problems than relaxing me or letting me have fun. So nearly two years ago now I gave up alcohol for good and haven’t looked back since. For some people alcohol doesn’t affect them at all energetically which is great, I’m not saying you have to give it up but tune in and see what decision feels best for you. I still went out to clubs, pubs and parties with my friends sober but now even that becomes too much for me after a few hours, I’ve read this is a classic Virgo trait but if you’re sensitive to energy drinking scenes just become a big no! It’s my best friend’s hen do in a couple of months and of course, the traditional clubbing, drinking and staying out all night is planned – I debated about what to do for weeks as I didn’t want to let her down or look like a party pooper. I knew deep down I wouldn’t be happy though going out in a big city all night and around low vibe energy and drinking. So I honored myself, explained and all is well I’m doing everything else throughout the day and evening and I’m really looking forward to it now! So make sure Queen you don’t do things you know will bring you down energetically because you know you won’t have fun and you’ll pay for it with low vibes and funky feelings afterward. Putting yourself in environments and places that feel good and excite you will always bring good energy!

Protect Yourself Energetically 

Some great ways to protect yourself each morning is to visualise white light around yourself and call upon Archangel Michael to surround you with divine protective light. You will also need to clear energy from yourself and energy as otherwise any funky vibes you’ve picked up from the day before will be locked in with you! You can simply clear energy by intending it and once again asking Archangel Michael for his help to clear any negative energy that’s not your own. It’s important to do this regularly and in any environments out and about if you feel unsafe or someone is being negative around you it’s a great practice to do to clear and protect yourself.

“So make sure Queen you don’t do things you know will bring you down energetically because you know you won’t have fun and you’ll pay for it with low vibes and funky feelings afterward. Putting yourself in environments and places that feel good and excite you will always bring good energy!”

Get Crystals

Crystals can also be a great way to protect yourself any of the darker or black crystals tend to be protective I always wear smokey quartz for grounding and protection. I also have black tourmaline, black obsidian and tiger’s eye for protection. These sit with my other crystals at home but I’ll either choose one to work with in meditation or put one in my bra if I’d like extra protection out and about that day.

Aura Sprays & Sage

Aura sprays and sage are another great way to clear energy from yourself or home/work space regularly. Sage is very smelly so I only sage the house when it’s warmer and the windows can be open to waft any funky energy out with the smell. So normally for myself I like to use aura sprays regularly to clear my energy, aura and raise my vibration. I love using ‘Energy Clearance’ from A Touch Of Light’s range which you can shop here. If you have any arguments or any negative people enter your home especially make sure to cleanse that space afterward and set the intention for only positive energy to reside in your home.

Cut Chords

My final tip is to make sure you cut chords to any situations, people or places that no longer serve your highest good or if you don’t speak anymore. With everyone we come in contact with we create energetic chords of attachment which all carry energy, so if someone is jealous or negative towards you that energy is going to be coming down the chord. You can find an angelic chord cutting meditation easily online so try a guided one where you work with Archangel Michael to cut and release the chord for good. In some instances you may not want to cut the chord fully, just to say chords can be reattached you’re not cutting this person off or saying goodbye you’re just giving the opportunity for a new positive one to form. If you’d rather cleanse the chord than cut it then work with Archangel Michael again and see him cleanse the chord between you two and send healing to it until it’s a golden white colour during meditation. If the chord is negative currently it will normally appear dark or even black. This is perfectly safe to do and as I said can allow positive energy to flow between you again by doing this it’s a great practice to take up and will release you from any attachment to past situations that weren’t great.

So there you have it guys my 5 ways to protect yourself energetically, sometimes it can feel weird to do these or you may even question why you have to do these in the first place. Absolutely we do have a team of angels and spirit guides always looking over us and protecting us but it’s good practice just like a shower to keep your energy clean regularly and only let positive vibes around you. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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