Today as I celebrate my twenty-fifth year here on this earth, I wanted to share with you what being twenty-five means to me. Last year I wrote a blog post about twenty-four things I’ve learnt in twenty-four years, so although I don’t feel like I’ve learnt another fresh twenty-five points, this year has shaped me.

I almost wish I could go back to my innocent self last year and say ‘Babe you deserve this happiness but FYI this year is going to be the hardest year yet – but you’re going to get through this’. If only we could do that right?! Last year I’d just met my love and twin flame, I’d just moved into my dream home and well life was bloomin’ rosy. Then hits November last year the starting point of what I can only describe as a shit storm or spiritual awakening part two. Not only have my friendship groups changed massively over the last year as I’ve up-levelled, energy vampires had been able to creep in left, right and centre affected my energy and even my relationship.

The twin flame journey has also been just one heck of roller coaster I don’t remember asking to get on! Now being at what I’d like to think is the end of this learning/growing process together I can find gratitude for all that has happened this year. All these struggles and pain were karmic and typical of a twin flame relationship, I’ve been able to learn about the dynamic fully and allow my own up-levelling and spiritual growth to take place. My psychic abilities have gone through the roof this year and well I’m just a completely different person in general – this is all down to the process and what happens when you meet your twin flame. We triggered each other like hell, and pretty much went to hell and back to awaken, rise and fulfil our purpose here. It has certainly not been pretty or easy and now I really understand the magnitude of my inner strength after this year. I’m proud that I have dealt with everything that’s been thrown at me in all area’s of my life with grace and love.

The book deal has also been one hell of a journey, I mean looking back at this year I do honestly think ‘Shit how did I not have a massive meltdown and end up giving up with everything the Universe threw at me’. I’m proud and excited to say that the book IS being birthed and will be released in January (as long as everything goes to plan). Writing my book over the last year has been a diary of these lessons, transformations and battles I’ve been on to be the woman you see before you. I’ve launched and birthed so many incredible products, courses and meditations which I’m so pleased you all love. It has allowed me to create my spiritual business and run it full-time. I’ve become a full-time life coach also helping so many of you transform your lives and manifest incredible things which brings me so much joy. Being nominated as a finalist for the Soul & Spirit Awards ‘Most Inspiring Life Coach’ simply blows my mind as I’m sure like some of you reading this, I’ve been faced with criticism over my age and how many years I’ve been doing this for. Age is simply a number and when you read my book you’ll realise the last five years of my life I’ve gone through more than most in their entire lifetime.

This is another lesson I’ve learnt recently during these hardships before I reached my point of peace and understanding why all these things had to happen this year. I did feel cheated by the Universe, I felt a massive in-balance with the scales of karma. I turn up every day for myself and for the Universe, share all this light in the world and am a good person who goes above and beyond for those close to me. I felt like the Universe was punishing me when I literally had to face ten months of a shit sandwich topped with a dressing of hard lessons and healing wounds from my past. I felt like it was never going to end and why did I need to go through this after such a tough year two years ago when I spiritually awakened. I felt like screaming ‘Why is this so tough?!’ I came to the realisation that nothing in my life has come easily to me and that’s okay. I chose to be a spiritual teacher at a young age, so I was going to need some BIG hard lessons to awaken me, teach me and allow me to be the Queen I am today. There wasn’t a graceful way around these karmic lessons, I had to walk through it sometimes alone and realise the magnitude of strength and power I had within me. I remember Rachel my psychic said to me two years ago ‘When you finish this you’ll have the strength of a lion’ and now I know she was referring to this year.

I honestly can’t tell you how I got through this other than my willpower to survive and live to tell the tale. My willpower to make a change in this world, be authentically me and own my scars. My story hasn’t been pretty but I am grateful that through the last five years of pain, trauma and massive transformation that I have become an incredibly strong, successful and fearless woman who will be able to take on anything life throws at her. I will teach these lessons to you and to my children and live my life’s purpose. So no I didn’t choose an easy path, but I choose a path that was worth the pain and lessons. Big lessons bring big rewards and I know the Universe will never leave me at a loss it never has.

So while I’d have loved to write a blog post about how easy and rosy this year of my life has been I’m real, raw and I don’t give anyone bullshit. We’re going to have lessons to learn and we’re going to have abundant magnificent years too – it’s all part of the process. If I hadn’t of gone through this all I wouldn’t have a killer book that’s soon to be released and help so many people. I wouldn’t have found the strength to birth a lot of my new creations this year. I wouldn’t have been able to speak my truth and remove energy vampires from my life. I wouldn’t be ME. That’s the blessing in all of this uncertainty and pain I found myself and that’s something I will never be able to lose or hide from again.

What twenty-five means to me is strength – a woman who against ALL the odds has published her first book, sold her couponing business, risen above the challenges she’s been faced with in all area’s of her life and risen like a phoenix from the ashes. This woman has claimed her power, held her grace and become the Queen she always knew she could be. With that knowledge I know I’m going to be okay no matter what and that the Universe always has our backs. Through this journey, I’ve connected more with myself, my power and the Universe. I hope you all have a fantastic week thank you for reading this and for all your lovely birthday messages – sending you lots of love xx


Emma xx
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  1. Caroline Glass

    Happy Birthday Emma – Have a lovely time and I can promise you by the time you reach 40 (like me) everything will fall into place xx

    1. Emma

      Thanks lovely for reading xx

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