Over the last few weeks two incredible achievements happened in my life, first my NEW book reaching #2 Best-Seller on the first day of pre-order and finally selling my couponing business. These were two massive manifestations for me and something I knew I had to celebrate and feel good about – this is why I want to talk about why we should be celebrating life.

I will hold my hands up I’m terrible when it comes to celebrating, I’ve achieved incredible things across my career and always taken a moment to feel grateful then moved straight onto the next goal. My manifestations almost became a checklist which didn’t feel good and it didn’t allow me to truly feel grateful for what I’d achieved. I think this also stems down to a deep-rooted suppression I know us Brits have as well as the rest of the world that we just don’t celebrate our own victories enough. We celebrate the Royals like there’s no tomorrow – so why can’t we celebrate ourselves? No matter how big or small the victory we need to slow down, pause and allow ourselves the time to truly celebrate what we’ve just achieved.

“We celebrate the Royals like there’s no tomorrow – so why can’t we celebrate ourselves?”

When we allow ourselves that special time to celebrate not only is it an act of self-love it’s an act of gratitude that you can come together with your loved ones to give thanks and enjoy the moment. Especially as we’re in the season of gratitude at the moment, don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to celebrate your wins – celebrate them now! It doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything, do what feels in alignment with you. For instance, I went for afternoon tea with my parents to celebrate – not only was it an excuse to get out of the office for an afternoon it allowed me to enjoy time with my family and celebrate in an environment I wouldn’t normally.

It took me three weeks to celebrate in all honesty, I think I went into shock mode after selling my business and I had to adjust to life without my first business baby after five incredible years. I actually didn’t treat myself to anything purchase wise apart from a new phone case because it was needed. Spending money didn’t feel necessary to me, that money was to be invested in this business and to grow for my future. So I treated myself to a new purchase (ie. a new merchandise product coming soon) and a new website theme which you will also see soon. These felt more in alignment with my celebrating as I was investing in my business and these still bring me as much joy. Not everyone in my life felt the same about my celebrating it did take execution from me to get this afternoon tea booked. It’s strange how most people jump to celebrate when someone gets engaged, pregnant or buys a house for example but not when you sell your first business at twenty-five and release a best-selling book. I knew I was worthy of celebrating so it didn’t matter who it was with I didn’t need validation – I gave that to myself and my friends stepped up because they already knew how important it was.

I think this can be one of the hardest parts about celebrating when the people around you don’t share the same enthusiasm as you. Some people just don’t get it but that’s not our job to force them to see our point of view. Instead, celebrate with those who are your biggest cheerleaders and are willing to make the effort for you. This is YOUR time to shine, celebrate and enjoy your moment don’t let anyone dull that sparkle. No matter how big or small your celebration is it’s important that we honour our hard work, our journey and feel grateful for the Universe blessing us at every milestone. So what can you do today to celebrate your achievements and life?

Thank you for reading my blog post this week, I hope it has helped remind you of the importance of celebrating life. Don’t forget you can pre-order my NEW book Spiritual Queen now and get a FREE 90-minute Manifestation Masterclass here when you pre-order my book. I hope you all have a fantastic week and let me know how you’re going to celebrate in the comments below! Lots of love xx


Emma xx
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