To celebrate my 28th birthday this week I wanted to share with you 28 powerful lessons I’ve learned over my 28 years. These are sayings, mantras, and lessons I’ve lived and want to share with you to inspire and help you live a life full of happiness and abundance.

28 Lessons To Live By

  1. Nothing before it’s timeThis quote is one of my favourite tattoos of mine, I first heard it when I was 18 and fell in love with it way before I was spiritual. Now it’s a beautiful reminder for me of divine timing and to trust the timing of my life.
  2. Needing nothing attracts everything Yass a very important mantra to live by, when we fixate and want we push our desires away. Whereas when we are calm, relaxed and detached from the outcome all of our needs and desires are met.
  3. Surrender is powerfulSurrender has been one of the biggest lessons for me in life and one I feel we all need to master on our Law of Attraction journey to feel peace, ease, and love. When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender some more as Gabby B would say! 
  4. Your friends and relationships match your energy/vibeYass another home truth if you want better relationships and connections in your life then raise your standards and vibes. Stop tolerating things that don’t align with the life you want.
  5. You get what you tolerateA nice follow-on from the above and again such a powerful lesson in life. If we don’t take action and say no to things that don’t feel good or don’t match our desires the Universe can’t bring in the very things we’ve been asking for.
  6. Joy and the present moment create’s receiving – Yass it sure does Queen. To be in the vibration of receiving you have to feel and experience joy here in the present moment.
  7. Life is too short wear and do what you wantBe authentically you Queen! Life is too short so start today and don’t let anyone steal your sparkle. Wear those shoes, wear that outfit, live life fearlessly. 
  8. You will have many spiritual awakeningsSo true you will have many awakenings as you go along your journey each bringing new insights and allowing you to meet a new version of yourself.
  9. You have to love yourself first before you can love othersSay it louder for the people in the back! Yes, it’s true you have to love yourself unconditionally first before you can experience unconditional love in your outer experience.
  10. Healing our inner child is the best workI wish more people knew how powerful inner child work is! It can transform any limiting belief and fear and is really work we should all do to feel happiness and peace in life.
  11. Inner work is key with manifestationAgain something which isn’t spoken about widely in the Law of Attraction sphere but it’s true. Without clearing the resistance between you and your manifestation you are still creating energetic blocks and staying stuck where you are right now. Clear the way to aligned abundance! 
  12. Anything is possibleIt sure is! This year has really proven that for me when you put your trust and faith in the Universe without attachment the Universe always delivers beautiful surprises.
  13. The Universe is always supporting usIt really is it may not always feel like this but in hindsight, you’ll always be able to see that rejection is divine redirection.
  14. Be humble and kind returns tenfoldKindness is the greatest gift you can bestow on the world. I’m a big preacher of kindness and humility will always return tenfold and bring a smile to someone’s day.
  15. If you don’t ask you don’t getVery true! In the sense of asking the Universe for your desires but also in asking for help too. If you don’t ask you don’t get so you may as well be brave as ask for what you’d like you never know what someone might say!
  16. We are our best guruAmen! I truly believe any coach, author, teacher, or guru is simply helping and guiding you back to your own inner power. Anyone who claims to be able to do something you can’t I’d be wary of. We are simply the catalysts for your healing and positive reminders to help bring you home to yourself.
  17. Your intuition will always guide youYass it will never do you wrong! Get still, present, and listen to the calling of your soul.
  18. The universe will surprise youEvery single time. If you think you know how something is going to happen think again! 
  19. We can create our realitiesWe sure do! A simple reminder that we really can co-create our reality with the Universe.
  20. We can’t control thingsWe really can’t. As much as we’d like to believe we’re in the driver’s seat of life we aren’t. So releasing control and surrendering to the Universe and the divine plan allows yourself to flow with the rhythm and pace of your life. Trust the timing of your life.
  21. Don’t chase attractAlways, stay in your power and attract your desires into your life you do not need to chase anything! What is truly for you will never pass you by.
  22. Unconditional love for self Is a powerful lesson to learn to be able to attract all forms of love and abundance into your life. You have to love yourself Queen because you deserve your love first! 
  23. You don’t need to fix yourselfYou’re not broken you don’t need to ‘fix’ yourself. You may have some limiting beliefs or fears but you are not any less worthy of love because of this you are perfect as you are.
  24. Everything but not all at once – Is so true we can have everything but not all at once trust in the timing of your life and know that the Universe knows what it’s doing. You’ll also have more to look forward to over your life – everything has a season and it’s important we put our focus into what areas need us instead of all at once!
  25. You know it’s meant for you by the way your nervous system feels – Amen one of my new favourite quotes and it’s so true. I’ve manifested things that have felt stressful and uneasy to my nervous system and they did fall away. Whereas the things that have been meant for me have felt easy and calming to my nervous system and body. Your body knows the score!
  26. That we can heal our body or reduce symptoms alternativelyAbsolutely I’ve been proof of this over the last year, absolutely medication can be essential sometimes but by looking into breathwork, supplements, yoga, and other holistic ways to heal I was able to naturally heal a hormone imbalance. Again if it’s something chronic illness related for example you may not be able to heal it entirely but you can reduce the intensity of the symptoms. 
  27. That being a dog mum is the bestYass Queen it really is I’d recommend pets to anyone! Luna has been so healing and just the energy I needed this year to manifest some big goals of mine.
  28. That I have the best followersI really do! All of you are so amazing and I’m so grateful and appreciative that I have you in my life. Thank you for being you and for always supporting everything I do I love you all so much and I’m so thankful we get to do this journey together!

“You’re not broken you don’t need to ‘fix’ yourself. You may have some limiting beliefs or fears but you are not any less worthy of love because of this you are perfect as you are.”

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Emma xx
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