Loving boundaries are something that’s important for every Spiritual Queen, whether it’s in your work or personal life. Creating healthy boundaries not only protects you energetically but allows you to raise your vibration and most importantly feel good too! So this week I thought I’d share with you my top tips for creating better boundaries in all areas of your life. Also, this one will be a short post as I’m still adjusting to my little Luna arriving this week and I’ll be honest being a puppy mum is equally exciting and exhausting at the same time! I’m taking the next few weeks off to welcome her in and bond but I wanted to still share some quick tools and tips with you while she naps.

Is It Draining You?

Most people start to realise they need to create better energetic boundaries when they feel drained by connections. Whether it’s your personal relationships or even work/life balance. Boundaries can affect all areas of your life and are most noticeable when you feel someone or something is draining you. Are you the type of person to say yes to everything even when it doesn’t align or feel good to you? This is the first sign better boundaries are needed Queen. Start by honouring yourself and what feels good, if it doesn’t start saying no. As empaths, it’s easy to say yes to everything and want to help people, but what ends up happening is you start giving your power away and feel drained instead of high vibe and joyful. So today make a list of what is draining you currently or not feeling good and journal down how you could implement better boundaries with this.

“Better boundaries must always start off with you giving yourself permission to put yourself first. Reclaim your power and know that you will always be able to serve and give more to the right things by saying no to what doesn’t align or feel good.”

Work/Life Balance

Are the boundaries actually needed within your work for example? Do you need to give yourself permission to take time off, say no to extra work, or switch off completely when you’re at home? Only you can answer this but better boundaries must always start off with you giving yourself permission to put yourself first. Reclaim your power and know that you will always be able to serve and give more to the right things by saying no to what doesn’t align or feel good. Now you may not always be able to say no to everything especially if it’s at work, but voicing your concerns and implementing these boundaries is the first step – walking the talk is the next. Once you lay your new boundaries out not everyone will like this – the people who don’t are the ones benefiting from your lack of boundaries in the first place. When we set powerful new boundaries the Universe responds and meets us at this new level – it has to by the Law of Attraction. So you’ll find very quickly anything that’s not in alignment falls away and doesn’t drain you anymore.

You’ve Got To Do It For You

Finally, as I wrap this up you’ve got to do it for yourself. You can’t just do the steps above because what I’m saying sounds good and you think it’ll help. You have to do this because you love yourself enough to say no now and want that change. Make sure you’re implementing self-love and self-care regularly and that you repeat this mantra daily if you can ‘I reclaim my power and call back all the lost pieces of myself’. You could even do a Solar Plexus chakra (the chakra of power and confidence) balancing meditation to help embody this mantra too. I would also suggest looking into Angelic chord cutting meditations if you feel this could be beneficial. Everyone we come into contact with we create energetic chords and if that person isn’t respecting your boundaries it may be time to cut the chords and release that energy. Cutting chords doesn’t mean you’re killing anyone off – not at all. If you wish to create a new healthy chord between you and a person/job etc then you can do so with the help of Archangel Micheal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you implement healthier, new boundaries in all areas of your life. If you’d like to say YASS to something fun and new this week my sell-out Inner Child Joy 6-week course is back and starts on the 15th April! Join me over the six weeks where I’ll be showing you how to meet and connect, heal any limiting beliefs and transform with your Inner Child. All designed to help you clear the way to abundance and fun and joy in your adult life! You can find out more information and sign-up here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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