One of the things I get asked the most by clients and you guys online is how to feel confident with your manifestations and bust any fear that may be arising! So this week I wanted to create a blog post for you guys all on how to combat fear and feel fearless with your manifestations.


First of all, you must look at your belief. Do you believe that you can manifest this desire? Do you believe that you are worthy of having this desire? How safe does it feel to receive this desire? Ask yourself these questions and see how each one makes you feel. To have confidence with your manifestations you must believe you and the Universe can co-create these. If you want to build your belief up then it’s a case of looking at the inner work and what’s standing in between you and your desire. Also, lean into belief, belief is not something you can magically embody straight away. Belief must be built up with all the steps in this blog post so that it feels authentic and aligns your energy to your desire. If fear is contributing to your lack of belief then inner work is the answer for you. Also, make sure to think back to your previous manifestations and feel the gratitude for these. Witness your ability to manifest and all the wonderful things you’ve created with the Universe so far. This is proof you can and will manifest again!

Do The Inner Work

Doing the inner work is really important in any manifesting work, as limiting beliefs and fears are the number one block when it comes to manifesting. Rest assured there is plenty you can do to identify your limiting and beliefs and fears yourself or you may want to work with someone in a safe expert environment (with a coach or counselor) to unpack these together. In my Manifestation Membership®, I have provided numerous tools and resources for you to work with to identify and heal any limiting beliefs and fears. The first step is awareness and witnessing when your fear is triggering vs when it’s natural nerves. The secret to embodying confidence with your manifestations is to identify what stands in between you and your manifestation and work to release this effectively with the inner work.

“Think back to your previous manifestations and feel the gratitude for these. Witness your ability to manifest and all the wonderful things you’ve created with the Universe so far. This is proof you can and will manifest again!”

Fear Is Natural

Surprisingly fear is natural. Although it can feel uncomfortable and triggering at times we can never fully eliminate fear. Think about it even when you’ve been so certain and sure of something we all still feel an element of fear – we’re human. Look honestly at whether the fear is triggering you and it’s a belief or fear or whether it’s natural nerves. Natural nerves don’t feel triggering its natural apprehension of the unknown or change. They’re very different – naturally, nerves can fuel our motivation and excitement also. So it’s important to get honest with yourself whether this fear is holding you back and triggering you or is your soul preparing you for the next stage in life. The inner work will help with any triggering fear or blocks – but really the trick is to keep yourself in the present moment and not future tripping. Challenge yourself to stay present and talk to your inner child/inner critic any time fear pops up – how can you reassure them/yourself?

Change Can Be Scary

There’s no hiding from the fact that change can be scary too. Maybe the fear you’re feeling isn’t fear still holding you back anymore, maybe it’s fear of the very change that you know is coming your way. Change is the only constant we have in this world and when you can relax into the unknown and ride the wave of change as it comes you’re able to identify what real fear and limiting beliefs are vs natural nerves that come with change. If you’re feeling change around the corner turn your nerves into excitement and remember to keep present. You’ll be able to handle it all and handle it with grace you always do, allow yourself to relax and not need to know how everything unfolds. Sometimes we’re not meant to know everything and we have to allow what’s meant to unfold while embracing the uncertainty or even natural nerves that come with this. Support yourself with a consistent daily practice and self-care practice and you’ll be able to navigate it all from a more grounded place.

Embody Confidence

Finally, you need to embody confidence after all the above steps. Embodying confidence means that you witness your natural nerves involved here – think about it getting what you’ve asked for after doing all this work can feel nerve-wracking! So it’s about witnessing that it’s okay to feel nervous or anticipation about your desire and that sometimes you’re going to have to learn on the job too. You can never fully be 100% ready or prepared – that’s not how life works. Embodying confidence means that you’re connected to your inner child/inner critic and are reassuring/connecting with them when fear does arise. Rely on your support unit around you and daily practices to ground and support you through this period of change. Also, believe in yourself more and your abilities to adapt and adjust once your desire is here. You don’t have to have it all figured out and remember the Universe likes to surprise us too. So relax into the confidence that you’ve got this and the Universe is always supporting you too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you feel confident with your desires moving forwards. If you’d like to say YASS to something fun and new this week my sell-out Inner Child Joy 6-week course is back and starts on the 15th April! Join me over the six weeks where I’ll be showing you how to meet and connect, heal any limiting beliefs and transform with your Inner Child. All designed to help you clear the way to abundance and fun and joy in your adult life! You can find out more information and sign-up here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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