Life isn’t always rosy and smooth sailing sometimes we get into disagreements and sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye with the people around us. When conflict happens it can very easily knock you of course and feel like anything but love and peace. So today I wanted to share with you my top tips and tools for resolving conflict with love and how you can feel aligned within yourself again.

Take Stock

First of all, do not react in the moment, this is where heated words are exchanged and we don’t come from a place of love as our ego jumps in to protect and defend us. Take yourself out of the situation and allow yourself to take stock of the situation. Are you viewing it from the eyes of love or the eyes of judgement? Take the time to sit with your feelings and to weigh up from a non-reactive space what the best way of moving forwards will be for you which respects you and your boundaries and the other person. If you need time to think about things or gather your thoughts don’t be afraid to ask for this. Voice your needs and give yourself time to be able to respond from a grounded space.

“Are you viewing it from the eyes of love or the eyes of judgement? Take the time to sit with your feelings and to weigh up from a non-reactive space what the best way of moving forwards will be for you”


Next, it’s time to reflect upon judgement whether it’s for yourself if you feel you’re blaming or shaming yourself or if you feel you’re judging someone else. Judgement doesn’t allow you to see the situation or the other person through the eyes of love or truth. So where you can it’s a great practice to sit and reflect upon your judgements of the conflict and how you can drop these. Are they serving you or the resolution you wish to see? Journal upon your judgement and what it may be triggering up for you – what are you refusing to see in the situation also? It’s easy for us to pass the blame but remember to take accountability for yourself too that’s a true Spiritual Queen who can take stock, drop the judgement and witness her input into any conflict. Are you able to express forgiveness to yourself and others to allow yourself to be able to move forwards and experience peace within yourself?


It’s really important throughout all of this that you communicate clearly with yourself and others, communication is key when it comes to resolving conflict with love. So ask yourself how can you communicate with love? How can you express yourself clearly with love and respect to yourself whilst remembering to listen and allow the other person to communicate their truth with you. Listening is such an important tool to cultivate in communication too – many feel communication purely means voicing or speaking but actually a true communicator listens deeply too. Not all of the time will the other person be coming from the same loving space as you so it’s important to honour yourself and your truth in these situations. If you need spiritual support to help guide the situation for the highest good – don’t hesitate in asking the Universe, your guides, higher self, or Angels to step in and help navigate this conflict towards a positive solution. The more you can stay grounded in yourself and truth the Universe will have to reflect that honesty and love back to you one way or another. Speak up and speak from your heart center in a way that can deliver your thoughts and feelings with love regardless of how the other person will respond.

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Manifestation Membership by Emma Mumford

Emma xx
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