As we know with the Law of Attraction it’s important to get crystal clear on your intentions and desires so that the Universe can reflect that clarity back to you. One of the main problems I see with clients who are struggling to manifest is a lack of clarity on their next steps, goals, or desires. I myself have been in this position before sometimes I’ve not witnessed it for a while and even now during Mercury Retrograde I’m finding myself having big pivotal moments in my business and now even I’m also seeking clarity on my next steps. So I thought this week I would share with you 5 ways to get clear on your manifestations to help you break through your blocks and feel clear moving forwards.

Map It Out

Sometimes this step alone can help you to break through any blocks you may have with getting clear. But first of all, I would suggest mapping out your manifestation or goal. You can do this as a mind map or vision board but I find when I sit down to do this the creativity flows. I put my favourite Coldplay music on and away I go. As I mentioned above I’m currently having a block with knowing what my next steps in the business are and what to focus on in 2021. So I started off by creating a mind map and even though I didn’t know the answers  I wrote down what would feel good, what I’d like to continue and any ideas I have had for the future. In terms of a smaller project ie. manifesting a relationship or a home etc, you could write a ‘dream list’ which is one of my favorite things to do. All you need is a notebook for this but in this list include all the traits or characteristics you’d like in this desire. If you’re struggling to get clear on this, I normally suggest looking at previous experiences and thinking about what you didn’t like and then write the opposite of that on your list. So if you didn’t like in your last relationship that they didn’t communicate well then you’d want to write on your list that this new person communicates well and clearly with you.

Sit With It

Once you’ve mapped out your desire if you still don’t feel 100% crystal clear or ready to move forwards it’s important that you sit with your plan. Sometimes we need that extra time to think over our discoveries and see how they feel maybe in two days time or even a week. This is currently what I’m doing with my business plans as still, I’m not feeling that push to move forwards and execute like I normally do. So allow yourself the time to sit with all of your thoughts and ideas and see how they feel. Sometimes when we slow down and sit with ideas, we allow the Universe to then step in and give us the feedback we need to be able to move forwards with ease and confidence. Mercury Retrograde is also teaching us this right now in this three week period (ending 3rd November) it’s important to sit with your ideas and plans and allow Mercury to guide you to those breakthroughs in it’s own time. So for me, I’m sitting tight until Mercury goes direct on the 3rd again and see how I feel then. I’ll see what other ideas have come to me or maybe an awareness and clarity I don’t currently have. So trust this sitting process as it’s important we listen and create the space for the Universe to communicate with us too.

“Sometimes when we slow down and sit with ideas, we allow the Universe to then step in and give us the feedback we need to be able to move forwards with ease and confidence.”

Create Conversations

Another great way to then start taking inspired action and showing up to the Universe is by creating conversations. If you’re still no further forwards with your clarity then talk to those around you. This helps me greatly and something I need to do more of, I have my business friends and peers who help me with the business/financial side of things and I also have my spiritual friends and peers who help me with life advice and spiritual direction in my business. It’s so important to have a balance of both in my life to keep me grounded and to help creatively. I’m very lucky that I have such support around me and we often bounce ideas around and help one another and that’s such a healthy thing to have in your life. Sometimes we just need the space held, not always will our friends, peers, or even coaches have all the answers but sometimes just talking through your ideas and plans with others and being heard allows us to make more progress and have realisations which we may not have come to by ourselves. I had a great conversation with Joe my web guy who bought my previous business and is a good friend this week, he for me is my business guru as he pushes me to grow and scale whilst also giving me his experiences as a fellow entrepreneur. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone holding that space for you can be more powerful than you think.

Listen Deeply

One way I know I’m guilty of not doing enough is listening deeply. When we’re in that still place and have created the conversations with those around us we have to listen deeply to ourselves too. Other people’s advice is great and sometimes very helpful but it has to resonate with you too. So at this point, it may be worth going back to your vision board or mind map and evaluating how you feel now. What do you feel called to focus on or have you gained any more clarity? This is part of the trust stage in the Law of Attraction process even if it’s not for your desire just yet, trusting and listening to the Universe’s feedback is essential. What does your intuition say? Is it to take action and move forwards or wait a little longer? For me, this is the hardest part as I’m such a doer but we have to honour where we’re at currently and listen to our internal guidance.


Finally, once you’ve done all of the above it’s about allowing the guidance, breakthroughs, or solutions to come to you naturally. We can try and force all we want but the Universe has its own sacred plan and we have to flow with that. If you’re not clear on your purpose for example you can do all of the above, but it will still require a level of surrender and knowing that although the steps may not be clear right now they will be eventually. Maybe breadcrumbs from the Universe will start to appear and before you know it the answers will come but looking back you’ll see they came in smaller steps which you started taking without even knowing. So trust the process and trust the guidance that is coming to you. Even small progress is still progress in the right direction and your commitment to showing up and taking the above action steps will allow the Universe to meet you halfway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and advice to inspire you this week and to help you get clear on your goals and manifestations if you’ve hit a block like I have recently. Don’t forget my NEW book Positively Wealthy is out now and available to buy worldwide! Positively Wealthy is a 33-day guide to manifesting sustainable wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. When you order a copy you can also get a FREE 90-minute Manifestation Masterclass worth £33 absolutely FREE on wealth and finding fulfillment in the now. You can find out more information on the book and how to order here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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