Dear Emma,

I’ve wanted to write this for a while now but never known quite where to start…

I want to write this to you one year on, to prove to you the difference a year can really make to someone’s life. A year ago you were sat in your old flat, you’d just appeared on This Morning for the first time and life felt good. You’d met some great friends and were still currently shredding your old life and old friends. You felt on top of your game, happy and fiercely achieving everything they told you never would. But were you really happy? Looking back I don’t think I was, I had to be so strong for myself because I only had myself really. Life was hard because I was going through a transformation personally and what happened next no one could have predicted. You suffered enough, got hurt enough and still more tests kept coming your way and somehow you survived every single one.

If only you’d known what a difference a year makes. All those plans, wishes and dreams you had living the perfect life, you have that. I’ve never spoken about the true pain I experienced last year maybe I will one day. What’s important to know is that every single manifestation and desire has been fulfilled. Today, I am manifesting fiercely and so much easier because I truly am in the right vibration and most importantly I’m in love with every aspect of my life including myself because I am love. You get the dream man, you get the dream holidays, the dream house, everything you ever dreamed of in those dark times. My message is that time truly is a great healer, we grow, we learn, we survive and we conquer fears. My soul feels hugely more awakened than this time last year, I thought I’d hit as far as I could do with awakening. I was nowhere near where I am today, I see so much more, feel so much more and have met incredible lightworkers like myself who have opened me up to even more beauty I never thought possible. I’ve manifested love into all area’s of my life, I have literally painted the perfect life and am now living it. I don’t want this to sound like I’m bragging, but it’s important you read this.

Last year I could have ended my life, the pain was too much and I was no one. I used to lay in bed for days on end staring at the ceiling wishing things would end. Now what a shame that would have been, look at how much I’d be depriving myself and the world of. If only in that moment I could have been shown my life today, how happy I am and how I get the happily ever after. I would have never feared, never worried, never doubted. The thing is I always knew I would and you do too. So feed your soul, your intuition and your mind because if I can change my entire life in 365 days and be surrounded by everything I once dreamed of. What can you do in 365 days? What can we all do in another 365 days…I invite you to document this day. Document it as the day your new life began, and every day do something to invite these manifestations into fruition. Laugh louder, smile harder, live boldly, live life under your terms. This is your life and no one else has control over it, your past does not reflect your future and in any moment you can decide to change.

I want you to keep a journal of the next 365 days documenting any manifestations, or feelings alongside your daily gratitude. So in 365 days time, you can look back and truly feel astonished by how much your life has changed, and realise your unlimited potential. Today is a new day and a fresh start in creating your dream life. People thought I was mad and delusional for thinking I could bring all these things into my life a year ago. Well I must be one f****** mad, delusional spiritual gangster because darling I got it all. The proof is in the pudding and once again I’ve made life comparisons to food! It’s funny how people from your past will pop up every now and again almost to remind you they still watch you and tell you how amazing it is that you’ve manifested all the things they said you never could. I’m glad they all do because hopefully one day they’ll believe in themselves too. So the next time someone tells you that your mad and delusional I want you to say “Bitch, just watch me”.

Emma xx
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Belén

    Loved this post! You’re my favourite LOA youtuber, you’re just.. magic!!
    Thank you for your videos, thank you for this post, thank you for sharing!
    I hope you have a great day!
    xoxo from Argentina

  2. Georgina

    I love the message here! <3 Congratulations on getting your life back on track xx

  3. Sinchy

    Thank you for this post, thought about the same thing this morning- how huge transformation a year or two can make. Keep going girl!

  4. Kerry Bell

    Thank you for sharing that, it must have been hard especially putting your feelings out there, I came to your meet up in March in London and you always come across as very genuine you deserve all the good things that have come into your life especially you meeting Mr C.

    Keep doing what your doing and the haters go do one!

  5. Rozetta Love

    LOL….What a wonderful post. I look forward to meeting you. The end of the post has me laughin right now…The things people say, when they do not understand what you have discovered….

    1. Emma

      Can’t wait to meet you too! Thanks for reading xx

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