In times of chaos, it can be so hard to remain positive, think clearly and stay aligned all while juggling your plate of problems. You’re also trying to go within and discover what your intuition and gut tell you to do in these moments of decision. Now, we already have enough to deal with aligning our chakras, keeping positive and focused and trying to stay in the vortex. How on earth in these moments of uncertainty can we go within and get the answers we need to hear?

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a step back and realising, we’re either worrying unnecessarily and need to in fact address the facts of the situation. Or other times we need to take a step back from the situation and realise that we need to honour ourselves and our worth. When you’re a lightworker a lot of people rely on us and while at times it feels incredible to help everyone around us, sometimes we have those moments of doubt and ‘What the hell do I do!’ I know I still get these.


So this leads me on to the question of how do we trust our intuition, how can we hear it clearly when chaos surrounds us? I always advise to take a step back anyway and view the situation as if you were advising a friend or family member. I then make a list of pro’s and con’s and what positive’s I can take from this situation in both outcomes. If you’re trying to manifest a certain outcome and want to know what the right decision is then, go within. You will always hear two voices, one being your ego and the other your soul or intuition. There’s an easy way to distinguish the difference between the two; your ego will always speak in future or past tense, to me it sounds hyper and almost forcing its opinion on you. Your soul will always speak in present tense, be calm and loving, no negativity will ever come from your soul.

Meditation is always a great way to ask questions or guidance on making decisions, breathe deeply and when you feel relaxed simply imagine The Universe is before you and send your questions out to it and see what you get back. We are all capable of doing this and connecting with the source to receive answers. Angel cards are also a great way to ask questions and receive loving messages from the angels. A psychic is also a great way to get the guidance you need and I know this is normally my go-to option for life-changing decisions. Although that soon does add up so from a money perspective and you need to ensure they’re genuine beforehand. Try to go within and understand in yourself what decision needs to be made. You can never go wrong when trusting your gut, and if your ego keeps piping up then simply say ‘thank you ego for your input today but it’s not required’. The Universe always has a plan as your best interests at heart, what is meant for you will never pass you by its time to start trusting yourself and your journey…


Emma xx
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