We all know in order to make the Law of Attraction work, we have to take inspired action and take steps towards our goals to help them manifest into our reality. This conversation comes up time and time again in my client sessions and is something I remind myself of often – are you meeting the Universe halfway? The halfway point is vital for manifesting and very often you can be one of two people whether that’s going 90% of the way and ‘forcing things to happen’ or you’re the person sat on the sofa waiting for your manifestations to happen. So I wanted to help you today in this blog post identify which one you are and help you to balance this out and help manifest your desires!

The 90% Queen’s 

More often than none I see the Queen’s going above and beyond to make their dreams happen and I know this simply because I’ve been there myself many times and got the t-shirt. I’m a classic Virgo I LOVE to fix things and help people which is why I love my work so much. Yet in my manifestations, these traits can turn into controlling, forcing, attachment, and going 90% of the way with action and my energy. This helps no one and especially not your manifestations when you’re going 90% of the way as you’re completely ignoring the whole point of manifestation – co-creating with the Universe. You may take it upon yourself to make everything happen and end up in your own way because the Universe can’t step in and assist. There is no room for the manifestation process to happen, hence why no one who is at 90% feels at peace or is receiving because you’re trying to give yourself all the answers. It’s easy to fall into this trap as there is a fine line between doing too much and too little, but it’s important to tune in regularly and see where you feel you’re at. I’ve been in my own god damn way a few times in life and as soon as I take a step back, reflect upon why I’ve done this and allow the Universe to step in and receive guess what? Yes, I’m a manifestation magnet!

If you feel like this is you my best advice is to really look at why you’re going above and beyond. What scares you about slowing down and receiving? How would it feel to flow instead of force? Do you need to step into your feminine energy more and allow yourself to float? Imagine this like a stream, if you’re in the stream trying to force the water to do certain things you are one great big boulder in the way blocking the flow of abundance and you’re not getting anywhere quick! Yet if you allowed yourself to flow and surrender instead of being a block in the stream of abundance, you allow yourself to be carried to your destination and flow with abundance. Now yes you have to get in the stream, and yes there will be inspired action to take – but be honest with yourself and know when you’ve done your 50% of the manifestation process. If you’re going 60, 80, or 90% of the way it’s only going to take you longer to go back down to your 50% and do the inner work to release and let go.

This goes for every situation, are you forcing someone to change? Are you forcing someone to make a decision? When manifestations involve other people for example or decisions need to be made, you can end up doing everything under the sun with no results. This isn’t because the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, it’s because you are once again standing in your own way. With all of our relationships and interactions in life, there is one big gigantic mirror between us where we have to go 50% of the way. If you’re not seeing results or you feel you are making all the effort with no avail, take a step back, go back to your 50% mark and create the space for spiritual solutions. Create the space for abundance and allow the Universe and this person the space to meet you halfway. If you’re not creating the space you can’t expect to be met halfway as there is simply no room!

“If you’re not seeing results or you feel you are making all the effort with no avail, take a step back, go back to your 50% mark and create the space for spiritual solutions. Create the space for abundance and allow the Universe and this person the space to meet you halfway. If you’re not creating the space you can’t expect to be met halfway as there is simply no room!”

The 10% Queen’s

With both of these example’s they’re not designed to shame anyone or say what you’ve done is wrong up until this point but it’s important to have the light shone upon these topics so that you can shift, create change in your life and more excitingly manifest your desires. So our other end of the scale is the Queen’s who go 10% of the way and expect the Universe to go 90% of the way. By this I mean the one’s who sit on the sofa all day waiting for the dream man, job or house to knock on their door. Or you may even want to manifest winning the lottery but don’t play the lottery! The reason why I feel some Queen’s do this is because of limiting beliefs, maybe you’re too much in your feminine energy and need to balance out the manifesting masculine energy to take that inspired action and have that get up and go energy. Maybe there is something holding you back which stops you from taking action? There are many reasons why this lack of inspired action and energy is happening in your life but the good news is you can change this around easily!

So if you wanted to manifest a new job your inspired action would be to buy a new outfit for the interview or wash and prepare an outfit that you plan to wear. You’d polish up your CV/Resume and most importantly apply for jobs. If you wanted to manifest a new house you might sort through things and have a clear out to prepare for moving, you’d be looking online at properties and be viewing them too. There are so many ways you can take inspired action towards your goals and meet the Universe halfway but it always starts with you Queen! You take your steps and then the Universe meets you at that 50% mark, once again enabling the co-creation process. So today to kick start this shift off make a list of your manifestations. Make sure to set them too and be clear as sometimes people who go 10% haven’t even set their intentions clearly or with clarity. So be clear, how much money do you want to manifest? You could even make a dream career list and get really specific on what this new job looks like or do one for the dream house you’d like to manifest too. The more clear you are on your desires once again the Universe can reflect this clarity back to you. So once you have your list write down all the inspired action that’s in your control and you can take to go your 50% of the way and then commit to doing one of these each day. You can mix these up and work towards different desires on different days, but commit to meeting the Universe halfway and I guarantee you’ll see big shifts and quickly Queen!

I hope this blog post has helped you and has given you some useful tips to go away and try this week to help you meet the Universe halfway and enable yourself to receive your desires. Also this week I have a super exciting announcement for any budding authors out there. My new 6-week author programme is stating on the 27th July 2020 and is called ‘Soulful Writing, Pitching & Marketing Your Book’ where I’ll be walking you through each step of the writing and publishing process and will be helping you birth your book baby into the world. You also have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity through my programme to pitch your book proposal to two leading publishing houses which is not offered anywhere else! So if you feel like this is for you Queen then you can find out all the information here. There are only 4 spaces left now so make sure to get in quick if you’d like to join us! As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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