One of the conversations I’ve had a lot recently with clients and even had to remind myself of over the years, is how we can shift ourselves from feeling lack and frustration with our manifestations into feeling grateful in the present moment. So this week I thought I’d cover this for you here on the blog and give you my top tips and advice!

Acting As If

The one thing I see often with clients when they are feeling frustrated about their desires seeming so far away is the one key part to manifesting they forget. Acting as if is so important with manifesting for a few reasons, one because we have to become a vibrational match to our desires and the version of ourselves who has that desire in their life and secondly because it raises our vibration. When we raise our vibration, get happy, have fun and ‘let go’ of the outcome, guess what’s going to be attracted to you? Yes, your manifestation will appear as if by magic because you’ve been acting as if and aligning your energy to the version of yourself who has this desire. So a really great quick and easy way to shift yourself is to visualise yourself with this manifestation and take note and write down how you feel and how that version of you acts. What is she feeling or doing? Then become that list! This will then help you to let go of your attachment and invite in those good vibes into your current situation. So even if things don’t magically shift overnight you’re in the best position possible to receive your desire soon!

Getting Grateful

The next step to shifting yourself and feeling great in the present moment is to focus on your gratitude. Are you feeling grateful for your current situation or resenting it? Throughout 2020 every single person has experienced delays in their life of some sorts and this has caused frustration because the Universe stopped us all in our tracks. This week one of my clients even said to me ‘I just feel like my life can’t get started or that I can have fun until this happens’ oh how I remember this feeling well and I’m sure so many of you reading can relate to this statement too. The problem with those thoughts is it’s disempowering and means that until your manifestation arrives you are telling the Universe that you’re not grateful for what you have currently and it creates even more attachment to your desire having to happen. So check in with yourself here, are you living life right now or sat putting your life on hold for this desire? This will keep you stuck Queen so challenge yourself to get grateful for the present moment. What is going well for you? What do you have around you now that is a blessing? How can you detach from the outcome? Remember the Universe is one big gigantic mirror and is reflecting your vibration back to you – so once again embody those feelings from the acting as if process and count your blessings!

“When you can find acceptance in the present moment and become okay with both outcomes you set yourself free. You allow yourself to feel good and become a manifestation magnet, as this allows you to ‘act as if’ and shift yourself into a state of flowing and receiving.”

The Power Of The Present

The present moment holds so much power because it’s all we ever have – yesterday is gone and tomorrow never arrives we always have constant present moments. With this, it’s so easy to get into a loop of future tripping and once again forgetting that your power lies in the now. You get to choose how you feel, act, and what you do today. So what can you do today to help shift yourself not with an outcome in mind, but to help you have more fun in the present and just enjoy today? When you take your power back and stay grounded into the present moment this helps in the acting as if process, as it allows you to feel calmer towards your desire and trusting it will come to you in the perfect timing.


Finally, acceptance is key here to help you feel gratitude in the present moment. When we can find acceptance in the present moment for how things are we again take back our power. Now don’t get me wrong this is not saying you give up and accept defeat quite the opposite actually. Acceptance is such a powerful way to shift yourself and welcome in your manifestations. When you can find acceptance in the present moment and become okay with both outcomes you set yourself free. You allow yourself to feel good and become a manifestation magnet, as this allows you to ‘act as if’ and shift yourself into a state of flowing and receiving.

I hope this blog post has helped you and has given you some useful tips to go away and try this week to help you feel shifted and feel gratitude in the present moment. Also this week I have a super exciting announcement for any budding authors out there. My new 6-week author programme is stating on the 27th July 2020 and is called ‘Soulful Writing, Pitching & Marketing Your Book’ where I’ll be walking you through each step of the writing and publishing process and will be helping you birth your book baby into the world. You also have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity through my programme to pitch your book proposal to two leading publishing houses which is not offered anywhere else! So if you feel like this is for you Queen then you can find out all the information here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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