As lockdown eases and we are starting to crave time off to truly rest and process the ups and downs of 2020 so far, many like myself are experiencing the need to create more fun and joy in their life! So this week I wanted to cover with you, how you can easily create more fun and joy in your life this week.

Work With Your Inner Child

Working with your inner child can be a deeply healing and nurturing experience. Over the last month or so the amount of inner child work I’ve been working on with clients and even with myself has been way more than usual. When inner work comes up to the surface more often than none it is down to the inner child needing that support and love. I always feel the inner child is very similar to our ego/inner critic as all they want is to be heard and loved. Especially if you’ve experienced trauma when growing up you can guarantee your inner child is at play when inner work, limiting beliefs and fears come up. The best way to get to know your inner child is to invite them in during meditation, let her naturally appear at whatever age she wants to (she will stay the same age anytime you call on her). Then get to know her and see how she’s feeling. Does she feel happy or sad? Does she feel bored or content? Ask her what she needs and take the time to play and create a connection with her as this will allow you to feel more fun and joy in your life when she’s feeling that way too.

Challenge Yourself To Play

Another way you can then integrate the inner child work is to then bring this into your physical world. So did she make any suggestions to you? If you’re a workaholic is she asking you to take time off and play more? If so think about how you can invite more fun and joy into your life. How can you challenge yourself to play more and take time off? What activities and fun things do you miss doing? Sometimes we need this childlike interest to allow more fun into our lives and not be so serious all the time. Whether that’s taking the time to play with your own children or challenging yourself to have more fun through activities – make sure this week you invite joy and fun into your time off to help your inner child feel fulfilled too.

“Adult life can become repetitive and too serious sometimes, so it’s important to take these moments each week to create fun and joy in your life to help maintain harmony within you and your inner child.”

Create The Space In Your Life

One crucial part of inviting more fun and joy into your life is to create the space. Just like with any manifestation you have to create the space in your life for it, so ask yourself is there room in your life for fun and joy right now? Do you need to create the space and schedule out time away from work or chores for fun activities? Maybe you even need to schedule some time out for self-love too? Either way, make sure you create the space and commit each week to create the space in your life for fun activities, time off, and joy.

What Sparks Joy?

Next, once you’ve created the space in your life it’s time to sit down and write a list of what feels fun and joyous to you – what would you really like to do this week to spark joy? Write yourself a list of activities or things you can do and commit to doing one thing on this list each week. This will also help to keep your inner child happy by making sure you are having time off regularly and tuning into her needs too. Adult life can become repetitive and too serious sometimes, so it’s important to take these moments each week to create fun and joy in your life to help maintain harmony within you and your inner child.

I hope this blog post has helped you and given you some inspiration on how you can create more fun and joy in your life. Let me know in the comments below what you’re planning to do to invite in more fun and joy this week? Also this week I have a super exciting announcement for any budding authors out there. My new 6-week author programme is stating on the 27th July 2020 and is called ‘Soulful Writing, Pitching & Marketing Your Book’ where I’ll be walking you through each step of the writing and publishing process and will be helping you birth your book baby into the world. You also have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity through my programme to pitch your book proposal to two leading publishing houses which is not offered anywhere else! So if you feel like this is for you Queen then you can find out all the information here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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