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Yesterday was a great day for me, not only did I get the chance to have another day trip up to London I met some fantastic Mummy Bloggers and learnt all about Kids nutrition & Arla’s latest product Big Milk!

I was thrilled when Arla invited me to one of their Blogging/Press events, I really didn’t know what to expect and me not being a mum I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it or would not understand a thing!

The event was held at the Maggie & Rose club in Kensington. When we arrived it seemed most Bloggers had brought their Kids which was great, but meant everyone had their hands full. I managed to speak to Charlotte Stirling-Reed a nutritionist from SR Nutrition. Charlotte was full of information and really opened my eyes just to how much Kids do lack now-a-days and how costly it can become. The food they had on offer was very tempting but equally healthy so I could afford to indulge after our 3hr train journey.


Arla Big Milk is aimed at 1-5yr olds but it’s equally okay for Mummy to drink! A recent study by Mumsnet revealed that 69% of Mums feel that their child isn’t currently getting all of the nutrients they need. It’s recommended from the age of 1 to start introducing cow’s milk on top of the vitamins it is suggested you give your child. Alongside a healthy, balanced diet, the UK Department of Health recommends that all children between the age of one to five take a supplement containing Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Parents are often unaware of the need for extra vitamins in the early years and therefore many children don’t get the recommended supplements.

Arla Big Milk is a whole, fresh cows’ milk – naturally rich in calcium that is enriched with Vitamin D, Iron and Vitamin A. Offering a convenient way to help children meet their nutritional requirements for these essential vitamins.

While we were shown the product, the team showed us all different recipe’s and way’s in which you can use Big Milk. It’s perfectly safe to heat and cook with also. Another good point a Blogger pointed out was that having all the vitamins and nutrients in one product would give her peace of mind that she only needs to buy one product instead of multiple costing her more.

Priced at £2.25 it is certainly more than your normal Supermarket milk ranging from £1, many asked why they would buy this instead of using normal milk and supplements. The only other comparison is Formula which let’s face it costs a bomb all for the added extra’s. So to have Cow’s milk which can be used by the entire family and have the vitamins & nutrients your little one needs all in one for less than formula is a win! Another great benefit is that Arla have teamed up with Tommy’s Charity and when purchased from Asda a donation from your bottle goes to Tommy’s.

So once my head was full of useful information all about Arla and Babies’ nutrition we got down to tasting, also the goody bag’s were a favourable highlight of the day!


All in all it was a great day in which I met some fantastic Bloggers and learnt some valuable information for when I have kids in the future.  Thanks to Arla for inviting me and the team for such a enjoyable day!


Emma xx
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