Eco Diva Review*

Eco Diva ReviewSo today I am bringing you a fabulous product which can really vamp up your spring cleaning! We are all used to getting our cleaning products from pound shops or supermarkets but does this really save you money in the long-run and are the chemicals really that good for you?

When Eco Diva approached me to review their products I was really apprehensive as I’m really not a cleaning fan! To me I just buy the bog standard cleaning products and hope for the best, often feeling my surfaces look no cleaner or get grubby easily. From looking at the Eco Diva packaging I can see why it easily attracts us women in, it is heavily focused on women so unfortunately men may feel uncomfortable when using! I can see why they’ve done this as their target market must be 99% women  and I think it makes it stand out more from the boring old packaging you see on the shelves. The package comes with 2 luxury micro-fibre cloths a clear spray bottle & 1L Ultimate Eco Cleaner which makes up to 14 spray bottles!


You only need a small amount of Eco Cleaner in the bottle and top it up with water, for me I thought this would dilute the formula and make it watery and less effective, how wrong was I! I started by cleaning the TV & electronics it picked up the dust really easy and left it looking shiny and it smelt great! I went on to clean glass I am really surprised at the results on glass & windows I have never seen my mirrors cleaner! It pulled out splashes & make-up really easily and left it gleaming. I then went on to clean other surfaces and it left them effortlessly clean and grime free. Eco Diva pleasantly surprised me and I would definitely use this again!

The micro-fibre cloths feel and work really well compared to the one’s I’ve previously purchased from Pound shops. They pick up dust effortlessly and clean really easy afterwards. The cost may seem expensive at £24.95 but you do get a lot for your money. Let’s say the solution lasts you a year, and the micro-fibre cloths cost you £3 separately that means over a 12 month basis it costs you £1.82 per month, remembering how great it has cleaned every surface I would look to spend £5 every 2 months replacing cheap, chemical fuelled cleaning products.


What you get for £24.95!

1l bottle of Eco Diva Environmentally Friendly Multipurpose Cleaner concentrate Dilutes to 14 spray bottles of cleaning solution to last you for months (or even years depending on your economy of use)

1 empty 750ml spray bottle with special marking for diluting your Eco Diva Environmentally Friendly Multipurpose Cleaner

2 top quality micro-fibre cleaning cloths to give your home a sparking finish

So I would say Eco Diva is more of a investment it may look really expensive but when you break it down over the year or even longer it really does save you money & the environment at the same time! I will be using Eco Diva again and hope it can benefit you all too!

I have also managed to get you all a fabulous discount code! Use code: Couponqueen for 10% OFF + a FREE Micro-Fibre cloth worth £4! Making the entire bundle only £22.46!

Let me know what products you use in the poll below!

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Emma xx
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