If you’ve been following my Instagram over the last few weeks you will have seen me talk about the topic of perfection. What is perfection? This really spiked a fire within me to talk about this openly and remind you that perfection simply doesn’t exist.

We live in a world ruled by social media, and while I do believe social media is a blessing because it allows us to connect with anybody around the world and has allowed me to be self-employed – there are also the negatives of having social media. Comparison being one, we have been conditioned to only share the positive, filtered aspects of our lives but not the authentic versions of our lives. I even find myself coming across all these extravagant flat lay’s on Instagram and I think ‘How many hours did it take this person to make all this food and pose this photo?!’ Don’t get me wrong I love a visually pleasing photo, photography is my passion. I just think what is the point? Fair enough if the influencer enjoys creating these extravagant photos but it’s not real life and leads us all to believe that this is how we should live our lives.


A great example of this is whenever Mr C and I go travelling, I’ll screenshot my favourite photos of locations we can visit and then when we get there it’s nothing like you see on Instagram. We laugh about it as he jokes ‘It’s all an Instagram filter’ but what if we didn’t have these filtered expectations? I wouldn’t be disappointed, I’d take in the natural beauty of the world, capture a natural photo and be really pleased with it.

As an influencer, I’ve seen this brought up quite a bit recently and I’m glad it has been. Prince Ea posted a video about influencers and asked ‘When people visit your page are they going to leave feeling better about themselves and uplifted or worse off and hating their own lives?’ This hit me because it’s so true, we go on Instagram and look at all these influencers flashing designer bags, cars, brands, travel and what value is it adding to our own life? Is it inspiring you in a positive way or draining you of positivity and inspiration? My first suggestion is to only follow people that you feel add value to your life, do you feel happy when you look at their photos or bitter?


The next thing is to remember that we are ALL human. No matter how ‘perfect’ someone’s life may be we are all going to have bad times as well as the good times. Just because they don’t post about it online it doesn’t mean that money, fame or materialistic items brings happiness – it really doesn’t. Life is all about balance and if we didn’t have the testing hard times we wouldn’t know what happiness is and we couldn’t feel grateful for when things are positive and abundant in our life. My life over the last year certainly hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, while I’ve dealt with these lessons privately – I’ve also been conscious that I want to be authentic and share with you when I haven’t been okay. That not every day I am positive, or things go well. Life happens to us all so don’t ever think that anybody has the ‘perfect’ life because it simply doesn’t exist. Who is writing this perfect life rule book?

What we should be striving for is an authentic life – where we feel happy posting our REAL lives, unfiltered and natural. Where we can look at other people’s successes and think ‘Good for you and the same for me’ this powerful phrase was shared by the fantastic Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan on my podcast recently. It really resonated with me because not only does it eliminate comparison – it’s a great manifesting tool also. Don’t let society govern what you post, how you should use social media or even how your life should look. Be authentic, love yourself and be unapologetically you darling because that’s fabulous and the world needs to see your light!

“Less Perfection More Authenticity” – Emma Mumford

I hope this blog post has helped to remind you that perfection doesn’t exist and that we all experience hardships and sadness in our life – it’s all about balance. Let’s be more authentic and remind ourselves that we are all souls having a human experience and we’re always learning important lessons here on this Earth. I hope you all have a fantastic week and sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Abundance, Blessings & Balance were the oracle cards I drew this morning!!!

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