I’VE WRITTEN A BOOK – SPIRITUAL QUEEN As most of you will know by now over the last year I have been writing my first book ‘Spiritual Queen’. It has been an epic journey writing this book and how I got my publishing deal in the end and today I wanted to share this story with you.

August last year while sat in Santorini with Mr C I decided it was time to write my book, I knew I wanted to manifest a publishing deal but I hadn’t even thought about what I would write a book on! During that holiday and the weeks that followed, I wrote my list of contents and three sample chapters. When I returned home, I found that Hay House do a writers workshop and I decided to go along and see if I could get my book published. Sadly, I didn’t win the competition in the course but I’m grateful I didn’t! Not winning was what I needed to realise that the Universe knew better and had a much greater plan for my book.

It was back to the drawing board and I decided to pitch to six other big publishers and heard nothing back. By this point I was writing for myself I knew the book would be published by the time I completed the book so I wrote when I felt inspired – which was the most creative way to channel what was meant to be in the book.

The writing process took me about ten months but I did have six months off as the Universe decided this was the perfect time to test me on all of the chapters. I’d heard other successful authors talk about this and how you should be careful what you want to write about as you will be tested by the Universe. Well, I was writing about all aspects of life and boy did I learn a lot of lessons! Looking back as tough as the last year has been it’s been a completely transformational year full of love and growth. It’s allowed me to write the most kick-ass book and help so many people in the process. I let the ideas come to me, I didn’t force any inspiration or content I naturally let the book write itself and I’m so grateful I was able to do this.

Most publishers will give you deadlines and I had none to work to which was heaven! I actually found I worked so much quicker as I was free to write and create. In the end, I came across Sean’s publishing company ‘That Guy’s House’ after speaking with Sean I knew every bizarre ‘no’ had been leading to this moment. Sean didn’t want to edit my voice, change me or my brand like other publishers had wanted. He saw the beauty in my work just as it is and it was at this moment I knew I’d found my publisher. I’m so thrilled with how the book has turned out, the interior is beautiful and the cover is exactly how I envisioned it. This is the beauty of my publishing deal I’ve had 100% creative control which is extremely important to me as it’s my brand and I want my book to reflect my work accurately.


Over the last year, I’ve grown so much as a writer, I’ve enjoyed every step of the process and am so thrilled to finally hold a copy of my book in my hands. This book has been a documentation of my growth and lessons over the last year and I’m proud that I’ve been able to birth an incredible book that will help you live your best life today. Thank you all so much for your support with the book it means the world to me and I can’t wait to celebrate my book’s launch with you all at my Spiritual Queen Summit in February. Thank you also to Sean for believing in my vision and Peter at That Guy’s House for bringing that vision to life so perfectly!

You can pre-order my book here to get an exclusive freebie! You are able to pre-order my book worldwide from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones. Don’t forget to tag me in any photos you post of the book as I love to re-post them #spiritualqueenbook @iamemmamumford. I hope you all have a fantastic week lots of love xx



  1. Ana
    26th December 2018 / 9:54 pm

    I have pre ordered mine! Can’t wait to read it! So excited. ♥ Next purchase: your oracle cards! Congratulations.

    • Emma
      26th December 2018 / 9:55 pm

      Yay thanks lovely can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! Xx

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