Sustainability has been a word that keeps coming up for me in my own work and it’s a key theme in my new book Positively Wealthy (out June 2020). When setting intentions and creating the dream life whether it’s a business, success, validation or even the dream love or family it’s easy to fall into a trap of wanting and expecting it all now. This is why this week I wanted to talk to you about how to find peace with this and why sustainability in all areas of your life is super important.

I get it you want to be happy now, have the success now and be living the dream life now, you feel so let down that your current efforts haven’t been good enough and everyone around has this success so why don’t you? Every single human being has a different life path and comparison is really the one stealing the show here. In my business coaching sessions especially I hear so often how new businesses want the dream success, money and validation within a short amount of time because they’ve been watching other people/businesses and if they can do it why can’t they? The problem comes with perspective, you might think someone’s become an overnight success or grown really quickly when actually it’s been years in the making. Take me, for example, people often think I’ve achieved what I have in two years, absolutely not I’ve been self-employed for over six years now. Six years it’s taken me to be at this point and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Think about it right here, right now if I was to wave a magic wand and you got all the money, success and validation you want for your business would you be able to handle it?

The answer I guarantee is no, very often when small businesses are thrown into the spotlight unexpectedly they can’t handle the pressure of orders, admin and expectations and end up folding or suffering greatly. This is why growing as a business and being able to gradually handle the expansion and expectations is so much more rewarding and safer. In the earlier days of my first business, I wanted it all, the book deal, to do more TV work and to have success and there was nothing wrong with wanting that at all. The problem came when I wanted everything at once and now looking back I can see how that would have been so much pressure on my young self, my mental health and how I’m glad it didn’t happen so that now when I’m older and talking about a completely different topic the books came at the right time.

“I’m one person and I have to remember that growing with my dreams is the best way to success so that I get it right, it feels good and it lasts a lifetime, not just a season.”

This leads me onto your personal life away from work, you may be in a stage where you just want everything now – money, the house, the guy, the pets, the kids whatever your version of ‘success’ is but once again let me ask you if I was to wave a magic wand and you got all these things right now would you be able to handle it, sustain it and keep these things? No, because there is a reason why you don’t have one or all of those things currently.  Money is such a great example with this one, if you are working on improving your relationship with money and you came into great money today would you be able to keep it and spend it well or be mindless and let your current money habits play out again? Patience is key and trusting in the timing of your life for sure but equally look at the wounds, what have you got to still work on? It’s one thing manifesting success in your business or personal life but it’s another thing keeping it. I learnt this myself and the Universe still teaches me about sustainability even today. I’m one person and I have to remember that growing with my dreams is the best way to success so that I get it right, it feels good and it lasts a lifetime, not just a season.

So look at your goals and dreams honestly today, why do you need it all now? If you did get it would you be able to handle it? And is it not better to grow with your dreams and trust in the timing of your life? Comparison is what fuels being impatient because the ego wants you to think that there is a certain time to achieve what you want to in life and that you’ll be happy once you do so, therefore, you need it now. Your life is not a race and what would you have to look forward to if you got it all now?

More than anything I want you to understand why sustainability is key because let’s take love for example if you’re still healing your wounds from your previous relationship and are trying to manifest the dream partner if they appeared right now would you be in a place to give your all, maintain a healthy relationship and nurture it? Or would you energetically push it away with your wounds that still need to be worked on? Don’t get me wrong if something is meant to happen it always will, but I want you to be in the best position possible to keep your manifestations once they arrive also. Finding peace with this looks like accepting your current situation, what are you avoiding? What wound is this triggering up? Remember this is all valuable feedback for you what these questions bring up. Are you grateful for your current situation? If you’re always striving for more and living in the future are you truly grateful for all you have here and now? Give yourself some love here Queen because you deserve it, you’ve got this and your time will come. Trust in the process and trust in your evolution also, your life is not a race and what is meant for you will never pass you by.

So there you have it guys my top tips on how to find peace with wanting everything now. A great quote I’ve also just stumbled upon whilst writing this post is ‘Sometimes what is meant for you can’t find you simply because you aren’t being yourself’ – Maryam Hasnaa. This is all about alignment remember, being okay with both outcomes and truly surrendering to this process. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Make sure to check out my NEW Manifestation Membership which launched last week, it’s a community for spiritual queen’s designed to help you turn your dream life into an abundant reality – plus we even have our own app! Click here for more information on how to join my membership. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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