Nothing about the word ‘fake’ feels good, it’s inauthentic and even in the dictionary it means ‘not genuine; imitation or counterfeit’. So why ‘fake it till you make it’ is a self-help tool that’s thrown around the industry I honestly have no idea! I tried this method for years along my journey and it didn’t serve me at all and I certainly didn’t ‘make it’ either, so this week I want to explore this concept with you and debunk this outdated theory with practical help that DOES work!

The ‘fake it till you make it’ method is a term that’s used in many walks of life for confidence, business and even in the Law of Attraction with your emotions, energy, and manifestations. I first heard of this method when working on the ‘acting as if’ step where I found it hard to just believe I had that manifestation already so would hear advice in the industry like ‘just ignore it’ or ‘fake it till you make it’ meaning to ignore my current feelings and to pretend I did believe it and had it. Now I do kind of see why ‘fake it till you make it’ is a concept but really this needs to change to ‘feel it until you make it’ because THAT is how you really create change and manifest your desires. Faking anything never works because the Universe reads energy not just words, so you can repeat your affirmations you don’t believe all day long, suppress your true emotions in an attempt to have ‘positive vibes’ all the time and paint any persona you want in life. But that faking it will all catch up with you when you don’t achieve what you want and you can’t ignore it anymore.

Feeling your emotions is so important and they should never be ignored any fears or worries that do come up are all feedback. Listen to this as the more you honor those feelings and acknowledge them you’ll be able to work through them and see what wounds you need to work on. With manifestation, your journey involves removing all the blocks and things that stand in the way between you and your manifestation currently. Faking it, ignoring this or pretending they don’t exist is not ‘doing the work’. You’re only putting off the inevitable healing that needs to occur and oh boy I loved it faking it in my blissfully unaware state until I crashed hard and had to face what I had been ignoring. This allowed me to work with my beautiful divine feminine energy and allow – not force just allow what needed to come up happen and heal it for good.

“The Universe doesn’t respond to anything that’s inauthentic so please stop using the fake it terms and ‘feel it until you make it’.”

Now ‘acting as if’ is an important step in the Law of Attraction, yes but let’s get clear on what that really means. ‘Acting as if’ is all about emotion it’s about connecting to the emotions and version of yourself that has that manifestation/reality you desire. A bit like with affirmations if you don’t believe it or it doesn’t feel good this is all feedback that you need to tweak what you’re currently doing. Maybe it’s a case of simplifying your affirmations so they feel more achievable right now or once again simplifying your visualisation practice. A great way I do this is to write down the emotions I’d feel when I have my manifestation and work towards feeling these not repeating affirmations or visualisation. With these words, you’ve identified where you need to focus your energy instead of trying to ‘fake’ anything you can build up to these emotions gradually. When you do this instead of forcing yourself to feel them (faking it) your results will be long-lasting and genuine! The Universe doesn’t respond to anything that’s inauthentic so please stop using the fake it terms and ‘feel it until you make it’. Ask yourself how does the word ‘fake’ make you feel? Does it make you feel abundant or inauthentic? This has been such an important discovery for me along my Law of Attraction journey and has allowed me to feel my way into success and into belief. It has allowed me to heal so much now I don’t have to fake anything when I’m lacking in belief or have a bad day – I feel it, I allow it and I witness it. Don’t be scared of feeling your emotions or think that this is ‘bad’ Law of Attraction because it’s not the Universe is bringing this up so it can be released and you can actually feel happy!

So there you have it guys my thoughts and advice on why ‘faking it till you make it never works’. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Also, there are still 5 tickets left if you’d like to come to my Spiritual Queen Summit on the 8th of February in London click here to find out more information and how to get a ticket. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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