We all want to feel happy and fulfilled in the present moment, but the reality is with manifesting most people always put their happiness in the future. What I mean by this and you may even relate to this yourself is the feeling of breezing through life waiting for your manifestations to arrive and then you’ll be happy. This may even be a subtle feeling but this week I wanted to share with you the secret to feeling passion & purpose in your life right now before your manifestations arrive.

See the real secret here is very simple as we know with the Law of Attraction if you’re always putting your happiness and joy in the future and you’re not happy and joyful here in the present you won’t become an energetic match for abundance or your desires. This is all part of the ‘acting as if’ process in manifesting and more than anything what I hear frequently is ‘Emma I would love to be happy and joyful right now but I don’t know how I can feel this in my current situation’. Sometimes we can appear ‘happy’ on the surface and this is why it’s important to check in with yourself here and admit if you’ve been breezing through life to just get to your manifestations as this is how we get in a rut and feel that it’s unattainable until we receive something. If you’re breezing through life then you’re not truly living it’s so easy to live in the future and think that you’ll be happy in the future – but if you think like this your happiness will always stay in the future!

I’ve recently been reminded of finding the joy in the present moment and that finding purpose and passion in even the smallest of things in my everyday life is an absolute game-changer. I realised I’d slipped into a work coma where I was so focused on work because it made me happy and right now that was my focus – so why wouldn’t I give it my all? I realised I wanted balance between my personal life and work and the only way that would happen to invite in the love I wanted was to create the space for that. So instead of breezing along and putting my happiness in the future, I chose to create the space and take more time off by challenging myself NOT work at weekends! To create the space I made more plans with my friends, family and loved ones and created more memories together. This was just the start I also reminded myself of a great tool I used to do when I first started using the Law of Attraction which I do believe is the secret to success with all of this and manifesting – finding joy and passion in the most mundane of tasks. To start creating joy, purpose, and passion in your life right now you’ve got to start off small just like with gratitude. When you wake up in the morning this is when your purposeful day should start what I mean by this is every single task in your day like brushing your teeth, getting dressed, folding the laundry, walking the dog and cooking meals. No matter how big or small be present with your tasks and make them purposeful moments where you are consciously doing them instead of mindlessly doing tasks. Take time during these simple tasks to really be present and take joy in those moments by lovingly creating your food, smelling the freshly washed sheets as you fold them, taking time to think and address things in your mind and take in your surroundings as you walk the dog.

“Stop giving a f*** about things you can’t change or control and start giving a f*** about the present moment and filling that with passion and purpose as that’s all you have”. – Emma’s Spirit Guide

These don’t need to take up more time in your day all I’m challenging you to do is be present in your day. Consciously do these things with love and gratitude and from finding passion and purpose in even the smallest of tasks you’ll create positive momentum for the bigger things in life meaning you feel happy, fulfilled and joyful which will result in you manifesting your desires. This is what finding joy in the now truly means – yes heal your wounds, yes do the affirmations, vision board, visualisation the lot if it feels good to you. But nothing will change in your reality if you are breezing through life and placing your happiness, focus, and joy in the future. I forget how easy it is to manifest when I follow this technique and once again I’m reminded of its power and how it allows me to also surrender and let go naturally when I’m happy in my day to day life. My spirit guide recently said to me during a meditation ‘why do you give a f***?’ which obviously startled me like did I just hear her right?! She continued on to say ‘Stop giving a f*** about things you can’t change or control and start giving a f*** about the present moment and filling that with passion and purpose as that’s all you have’. This realisation sparked the inspiration for this blog post this week and I hope her words can even inspire you in this moment to stop living in the future or even the past and start living in the present moment because it’s all we have. This isn’t a warm-up, life is happening now and it’s better to have lived a life full of joy, happiness, and purpose than look back and think ‘god I really was wasting those weeks and months away waiting’. Don’t let 2020 fly past you Queen, get present, ground yourself and start today being present with your everyday tasks and start small. It would be great to hear how you get on with this so please keep me updated on how this works for you!

I hope this blog post has inspired you this week and encourages you to start living with passion and purpose right now! As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Also, there are only 3 tickets left if you’d like to come to my Spiritual Queen Summit on the 8th of February in London click here to find out more information and how to get a ticket. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Andrea Hammond

    Love, love, love this…being present is so important?after losing a close family member 2 days before Christmas it’s really made me rethink life, sometimes we live for tomorrow, for the weekend, for that holiday and I’m exactly the same but we must live for the now as tomorrow isn’t promised xx

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