Purpose, it’s one of the most talked about topics in the self-help industry and a topic I get asked about most days and find myself helping my coaching clients with regularly. So why is your purpose so important? Although I’ve covered this in blog posts before I wanted to do a blog post this week specifically for how to let your purpose find you if you have absolutely no idea what your purpose is.

What is your purpose?

We all have a purpose in this lifetime as to why we’re here, this is something many search for and it can actually surprisingly find you really naturally. Many think you have to go on a big hunt to find your purpose in life but really it’s as simple as setting the intention and following your bliss. But first of all, you need to get clear on what your purpose is exactly, this can be the block for many people because they just have no bloody clue what their purpose is. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t know what your purpose is yet, remember there is no rush. It’s easy to get caught up in a trap of comparison and feeling inadequate because you can’t pinpoint what you want to do just yet. It’s also important to recognise whether your search for purpose is related to your career or personal life right now. After finding my work purpose I realised that I didn’t know what Emma’s purpose was outside of work as all I knew was my career and helping people for the last eight years plus. This challenged me to go within and realise my personal purpose and desire was to be a mother and to be a wife so that’s what I’m putting my energy towards now creating my purpose outside of work. For many, though purpose will relate to their career and the desire to find what it is they’re here to do in this lifetime.

A great practice which will help you to identify and connect with the Universe in order to gain clarity and guidance on this is with some journaling prompts. In a notebook, you could ask yourself these questions and see what responses you get from your intuition/gut.
1. Why do I want to help people?
2. What is one thing if I died tomorrow I’d be sad I didn’t do/create/birth into this lifetime?
3. What would I like to be remembered for in this lifetime?

Calling In Your Purpose

‘Purpose noun – the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists’

The way to call in your purpose is to simply set the intention with the Universe to discover and follow your purpose in life and from that point – follow your bliss. The more you can recognise that you want to follow your bliss and passion in life you will naturally attract circumstances and opportunities that will lead to you finding your passion. Take me, for example, I’ve had three businesses since the age of 18 but always knew I wanted to run my own business so even when I was working full-time as a banking manager I knew I had to start following my bliss and get out of a career that made me depressed. I started off with a beauty therapy business doing nails which I ran for a year. Then I went onto to create the UK’s biggest couponing and money-saving website for five years which gave me the platform to now be able to walk into my spirituality and self-help business which I’ve been running for the last two years. Three very different lines of work but these were all my passions at the time as I was helping people and it was something I wanted to do which all lead to me being here now fully following my purpose in this life. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a specific job title or line of work in mind at the moment this is more about you exploring these different avenue’s and working in an industry that challenges you, intrigues you and you can have fun in. When you follow your bliss and work in a career that intrigues you and brings you joy, no matter what you’ll end up exactly where you need to be. Even if it’s not straight away my previous two businesses were all necessary in this journey and taught me greatly leading up to me finding my real purpose in this life.

“You don’t have to find your purpose. When you’re being of service to others and you live from a place of inspiration, your purpose finds you” – Gabrielle Bernstein

So remember you need to take inspired action here once you can pinpoint areas of interest or passion you’d like to explore you’ve got to try these things out – this is the only way you’ll truly find your purpose is by exploring different opportunities and following your bliss. I hope this blog post has helped you to start to call in your purpose and remember this is a journey, your purpose will come to you at the perfect time. As always please do leave your thoughts in the comments box down below. Don’t forget you can also buy my new book Spiritual Queen from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones worldwide now! I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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