Journaling is one of my favourite things to do and has been since I started my spiritual journey nearly five years ago now. So I wanted to create a blog post for you this week that helps you to understand the different types of journaling I use personally and where you can start if you’re an absolute newbie!

Journaling can be done in many ways there really is no right or wrong, that’s the great thing about journaling it’s all about your personal practice and making it special for you. All you need is a notebook/journal and your favourite pen. I’d also make sure you schedule out time for journaling as you want to be focused and present with your practice. Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you explore your feelings, dive into healing, and also help you to get clear on your goals and manifestations. Journaling can also be used to manifest and in the Law of Attraction process so there are multiple benefits to incorporating journaling into your spiritual practices even daily. So with that in mind let’s explore the different types of journaling you can get started with all with a spiritual/Law of Attraction focus.

Gratitude Journaling – This is my absolute favourite journaling practice and I do this each and every day. As soon as I wake up I grab my gratitude journal and list 3-5 points of gratitude. I would suggest structuring your sentences in this format ‘I am so grateful for….because….’ The reason why I love this journaling exercise is that not only does it set you up for the day, raise your vibes, and get you in a positive mindset as soon as you wake up. This is also a powerful manifesting tool as if you’re not grateful for what you currently have how can the Universe bring you anything new? So make sure you’re expressing gratitude for things that are already in your life not what you want to manifest. Challenge yourself to write new things each day and dive deep with this practice because this is where the good stuff is at!

New Moon/Full Moon Journaling – Next up is another favourite journaling practice of mine, you can find out the New Moon and Full Moon dates really easily online. On a New Moon you want to take your moon journal and list down your manifestations/desires for the next 30 days, you could also add some gratitude into this practice and also a money manifestation goal too. On the Full Moon, this is all about letting go and surrendering so again take out your moon journal and journal down what you’re ready to let go of and release under this Full Moon. You could also include some forgiveness on there and once again some gratitude for the month. New Moon and Full Moon journaling can be super powerful and don’t forget to burn your Full Moon list too to release this up to the Universe.

“Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you explore your feelings, dive into healing, and also help you to get clear on your goals and manifestations. Journaling can also be used to manifest and in the Law of Attraction process so there are multiple benefits to incorporating journaling into your spiritual practices even daily.”

Daily Journaling – Another great journaling style I enjoy is daily journaling. This is an example of daily journaling in The Positivity Planner. I first got into this when I tried Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages which is essentially as soon as you wake up you brain dump onto your journal any and all thoughts that come into your mind. Whether they’re negative, positive, or just plain random this style is said to help you release these emotions from your mind so you can start your day with a fresh and empty mind. Whilst I loved doing this I found it took up lots of time in the morning and hurt my wrist after a while so there are great ways to modify this and make it work for you.

Inner Work/Shadow Work Journaling – One healing aspect to journaling is that you can also use it to do your inner (shadow) work. This kind of journaling is great for exploring your feelings, emotions, to release pain, forgiveness, trauma, and to find peace with the past. Journaling can be a super healing practice so even if you start off by just writing down things that stand in your way or hold you back in life. You can then explore these with the following questions like ‘When did I first experience this feeling?’ ‘What am I scared will happen if I did this thing?’ etc. Journaling is a deeply personal practice so in terms of inner work journaling you really can’t go wrong. Trust your intuition and where you feel called to explore.

Manifestation Journaling – Finally we have manifestation journaling! There are so many ways to use journaling to help you manifest your dreams and one I love to do at the start of a new year is a scripting exercise I call ‘Dear Universe Letter’ where you write a letter to your current self from your future self (a year’s time). In this letter your write it in present tense and tell your current self all the wonderful things that happened and manifested for you throughout the year ahead (2021 for example). Once you’re done seal this letter up and keep it somewhere safe, then at the end of the year you can pull it out and see how much came true! You could also write a goals list for the new year this is also classed as journaling. Affirmations are also a great way to manifest your desires through journaling. So what are you waiting for Queen get your manifestation journal out and call those dreams into your reality!

12 Days of Journaling 2020 by Emma Mumford

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to inspire you this week with your journaling practice! Don’t forget my brand NEW money and manifesting journal ‘The Positively Wealthy Journal’ is available for pre-order now worldwide from anywhere that sells books and is being released on the 8th December! The Positively Wealthy Journal is a separate product but also linked to my bestselling book Positively Wealthy. It’s a money and Law of Attraction journal designed to be used over a 12-month period to help you manifest your financial and manifestation goals. When you pre-order a copy you can also get my Manifesting & Abundance meditation worth £22 absolutely FREE! You can find out more information on the journal and how to order here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

The Positively Wealthy Journal by Emma Mumford

Emma xx
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