With the colder months settling in now, I always find myself needing to remember that sometimes it’s okay to stop. It’s okay to slow down, life is not a race and most importantly when we can take a step back and let the Universe do its amazing thing!

Yes, I’m a workaholic! I think we gathered that from the amount of work, merchandise and projects I birth week in week out. I’m a hard worker and I love being busy, because that’s when I have my most fun especially in my business. Recently I’ve been reminded by the Universe how much I have been working hard over the summer, with my first book being published soon, and numerous other secret projects. On the outside to you guys, it may have looked like I wasn’t busy and just posting my usual creations each week, but this is all perception. I was worried it looked like this to the outside world, hence why I haven’t taken any holidays recently – simply because I can’t I’m too tied to projects at the moment. I know you all wouldn’t think this and probably understand, but believe me when you see what I’ve been working on it will be worth it!

So I had to remind myself that this is all a perception in my mind, it may not look like things are birthing and launching but they are. I have made huge progress in my business this summer and just like flowers they must be planted, nurtured and watered before you see the blossoming end result. I knew I had to let the Universe in here and stop trying to control all my projects, I needed some creative solutions and the only way these would come would be to stop fully and receive.


I could then see how this was reflecting in all area’s of my life. I had been trying to manifest and bring lots of wonderful things into my life, but just like my work –  I wasn’t stopping. I was taking inspired action like a boss every single day – but there comes a point when you need to stop pushing and sit back. I got to a point where there was literally nothing else I could do to help this along, so the only option was to switch off and focus on something else. I had given my all and at that point, I was ready to release and let go fully. So when I did this for my work and manifestations, I felt a wave of peace and abundance wash over me. I was no longer fighting the tide, I was flowing with the Universe and allowing myself to receive. This is the key message I want to get across, sometimes we block our manifestations because we don’t stop. We don’t hit that point of saying ‘Okay I’ve done enough, I’m proud of myself and now I’m going to sit back and allow’.

This all comes down to perception again, it may look like we haven’t made progress and that we’re not moving forward but we are ALWAYS moving forward. Every day that you decide to show up for yourself, the Universe and take inspired action you’re progressing. Remember at any given time we are always exactly where we should be – there are no mistakes. So check in with yourself and see if it’s time for you to sit back, let go and allow yourself to receive miracles now? We can all be guilty of overworking on our manifestations and I know myself I always want to make sure I’ve done enough. The Universe wants to meet us halfway, so allow it to. When I sat back and did nothing, literally nothing my perception changed – I began to see how much hard work I have done and that I’ve made huge progress in all area’s of my life. I then allowed whatever needed to come to me, and that showed up as peace, happiness and abundance in many forms. Letting go and allowing yourself to receive can be a hard step to nail as it’s the last and normally the most important. When we do this and acknowledge our hard work, the journey we’ve been on and feel proud of ourselves it’s sending a powerful message to the Universe saying ‘I’m ready now’.

I hope this blog post has helped remind you that sometimes we can all overdo it and sitting back really does open the door for miracles and solutions. If you’d like to know more about my 1:1 life coaching sessions you can find all the information here.  I hope you all have a fantastic week and sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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