With Autumn now well and truly upon us, it’s a time for us to go within, hibernate over the winter months and allow beautiful change to enrich our lives. So this week I wanted to write this blog post to help you understand, transition into Autumn and remember the five beautiful changes that will happen.

It’s Time To Go Within

The Autumn equinox on the 22nd September taught us that now we are moving into the darker days over winter it’s time to go within and reflect on what is no longer serving us. We can now hibernate away and really look at any issues within us that have been holding us back or creating fear. Sometimes we can feel at a standstill during this season as things start to slow down and we spend more time indoors. This is a call to work on yourself, read some great books and do the inner work in preparation for the blooming that Spring brings.

Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

The leaves are about to teach us how beautiful it is to let things fall away. Remember our lives also reflect the seasons in Autumn the leaves fall away and die. Then come Spring new flowers, leaves and greenery blooms into life. So right now you are being called upon the Autumn equinox to really ask yourself What is no longer serving me? What can I let go of now? Letting go can be beautiful and certainly necessary right now in preparation for winter. So I invite you to really let go and now drop things that don’t make you happy anymore or have been not serving you for a while.

Feel Your Emotions

As we wrap up more and find beauty in the darker, colder nights this also reminds us that it’s okay to feel our emotions. Over Autumn emotions will come up to the surface to heal in time for forward movement come Spring. This time is about really slowing down, honouring the inner journey and allowing what needs to come up to the surface to heal. This is a time to plant the seeds, get planning and devising the plans you want to birth come Spring. That’s not to say you can’t birth things now, I birth creations and ideas all year round but the Universe supports these plans more in the spring months as we move into the lighter days and gain motivation to do so.

Feeling Grateful

Autumn is the perfect time to reflect on how grateful you are right now in your life. Many cultures celebrate gratitude during Autumn from harvest to Thanksgiving so now is the time to really feel that gratitude for the Summer months. So really check in with yourself and see what you can be grateful for right now, What have you learnt over the Summer? What lessons can you take with you moving forward into Autumn? Gratitude is the number one key to manifesting successfully so Autumn is calling you to reflect on all the wonderful things in your life right now as we move into Winter.

New Beginnings

A lot of cultures see Autumn as a new year, a fresh start. So use this energy to shed anything that is holding you back and walk into this transitional time of powerful change. Expect miracles – we had a powerful full moon of change also on the 24th September. So change really is in the air collectively and remember all change is positive. The Universe is guiding us to exactly where we need to be right now and bringing our manifestations into fruition. This feels like an exciting time of unlimited possibilities, so welcome Autumn in with wide arms and embrace this positive change that is coming!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post all about what changes we can take in the Autumn months. Autumn is my favourite time of year and my favourite time for fashion also! There are so many beautiful things we can celebrate about Autumn and I hope you can see this as a powerful time for change in your own life. I hope you all have a fantastic week sending lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Alice

    Really enjoyed reading this blog Emma. Autumn is my favourite month so many beautiful colours. Nature at its best.. With regards the full moon. I read somewhere that it’s best to carry out your ritual the day before the actual full moon in order to really soak up the energies over the following days after. I’m not sure if that would work if it’s not actually being done on the full moon. Your blog provided alot of food for thought. So I will take the time to really focus on what I need to let go of, past relationships, my own personal bad habits, worries etc & look positively to the future concentrating on all the wonderful events ahead. I always used to be a “maybe” “I suppose” type of person but now I have turned over a new leaf (lol) I am a I CAN person. So I’m starting off my list of gratitudes by saying Thank YOU Emma. I’m so glad I found your page. xx

    1. Emma

      Love this! Amazing hun and regards to the full moon I think it’s really down to personal choice try both ways and see what works for you xx

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