This week I felt drawn to talking about how to be more gentle in life. Recently I’ve found myself rushing around with life and work that I’ve had to check in and say ‘Hey Emma, it’s okay to be more gentle – just trust’.

With the fast pace lives we live nowadays it’s easy to become absorbed by our work, life and social media. Running two businesses myself I do have to dedicate a lot of time to my work and find because I run the show I do have to be in my masculine quite a lot to execute ideas and projects. Dealing with companies, brands etc means I’m in my masculine frequently and have to voice my worth often.

Recently, I’ve really wanted to step into my divine feminine more especially with work. Instead of worrying or getting stressed out which certainly hasn’t helped my skin or health – I want to be gentle and calm. Now I know this may not be possible all of the time but if I can help it I want to be gentle. Being gentle in business always scared me as I’ve worked in male-dominated role’s for over seven years now so I’m used to having to speak up and be heard. I saw gentle as a weakness in business and thought the only way to be successful was to be strong and of course a Queen.

Over the last few months, I’ve encountered a few energy vampires who were just not cheering me on at all quite the opposite – they were sending bad energy my way through jealousy and hate. Yes, this really is a thing I’ve recently done a video about this on my YouTube if you want to know more about this topic. Not only did I have to work hard to send this energy back and clear my aura, it made me incredibly protective of my work and personal life. Both had been infected by this energy and just like a protective mother, my first instinct is to protect. So I worked on becoming more of a closed book and only shared details of my work and life with people I know I could trust my life with. This was all good and well until I realised I wasn’t forgiving these energy vampires, I was holding onto this hurt in an attempt to protect myself but all that was happening was I became defensive and angry at the whole situation. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t fair what happened but equally, I can choose how I react and especially with myself I wanted to be kinder and more gentle.

I found myself once again going into my masculine to protect and keep my life private so that this didn’t happen again, which made me feel like I wasn’t sharing myself fully online with you all either. This was all my ego as I was sharing just as much as I normally do online and helping people. I realised it was really easy for me to show the strong, masculine side of me who would remind you all to voice your truth, stand up for yourself and your worth – but I would struggle to voice being gentle because I wasn’t being gentle with myself. I realised that I needed to forgive them and release this as it wasn’t allowing me to be in my divine feminine fully which is what they wanted. So I worked on finding forgiveness, releasing this situation to the holy spirit and asked the Universe for miracles. I finally found myself being able to find grace and be gentle with myself because I was forgiving myself for letting this happen. It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t attract this it was karmic and that’s what I had to get my head around. That this time it was safe to be gentle, kind and loving especially to myself instead of putting up all my barriers which I’m so used to doing.

Having someone hurt you is never nice no matter who it is, so the best thing we can do in these circumstances is to acknowledge that we don’t know what the other person is thinking or going through. Their day may be bad enough already if they feel the need to send people bad energy – but that doesn’t mean we have to have a bad day. I can choose how I react to this and so can you, by being gentle and kind we can take back our power in a feminine way it doesn’t have to be a big bold masculine way like we’re used to. It’s safe to be gentle with ourselves and others. The main way to embrace your feminine side more and keep them balanced is to embrace being gentle and actively birthing creations and ideas with grace.

I find the main way of embracing this gentleness in life is by finding gratitude and forgiveness in all situations. Not only is it about working on your self-love and putting yourself first, it’s about remembering to embrace the divine feminine within us all and remember this it’s safe for us to be balanced. If we all could be a little kinder, gentle and loving the world would be a completely different place. So be the change you want to see in the world – if you wish people would be just a little kinder and gentle with you look at how you can do this for yourself first. I’m all about being empowered and strong – but I think it’s important also that I share my gentle side and remind you that this is okay too. We don’t need to hold onto that anger or frustration it’s safe to let it go – we can choose love.

I hope this blog post has helped remind you that it’s okay for us to be more gentle with ourselves and the world. Beating ourselves up is not an act of self-love and will never get us far. So just remember we don’t know the battles others are fighting so it’s a call for us to share even more love into our own lives and the people around us. I hope you all have a fantastic week and sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Maysam Abbas

    Great post – i believe you have to look after yourself and your well being. Your energy and feelings should come first. I had to say good bye to a friend of more than 15 years. I just felt it was the right thing to do to protect my feelings and energy. Some people dont realise they are negative and just want you to be there for them all the time and mother them… xxx

    1. Emma

      Totally agree with this it’s all about inner happiness and acting with love xxx

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