Earlier in the week my friend Natalia said to me ‘You really need to teach me how you just own your business and become so successful with everything’. This really got me thinking about my success principles and what advice I could give as to what makes my success. And so this blog post was birthed…

Stop Asking For Permission

The number one problem I find with clients, friends or anyone I’ve spoken to about business is they’re still asking for permission to thrive. This is one thing I’ve never done, when I share with someone my plans or even approach brands and press I’m not asking for their validation I’m telling them what I’m doing. This all comes down to confidence at the end of the day if you come across confident in yourself, work and worth no one will question it. From my own experiences, brands and press love it when I go in telling them what I’m going to do for them instead of asking if I’m worthy of being featured.

You Need Me Man I Don’t Need You

A classic Ed Sheeran song all about the music industry and how he had many knockbacks before becoming the superstar we see today. I swear by this phrase as it’s so true, magazines, press, brands they need us influencers for content and exposure. Yes, we do get equal exposure or sometimes payment in return but once again stop asking for their permission and know your worth. Knowing your worth and owning this has been one of the key principles to having a full-time business and not letting a brand tell me I’m worth nothing. I can’t pay my rent with free chocolates and nor should you! We take time and effort out of our day to create content and features – so yes we do deserve to be paid for that. I don’t know anyone who would continue turning up to work if their boss wasn’t paying them? Another key principle I’ve learnt along the way is to keep your head in your own game – for years I was so focused on what other successful influencers were doing that I wasn’t even focusing on my work. After not finding that magical recipe I decided to give up and solely focus on my work and nothing else. I kept my circles small and stayed in my lane dedicated to my own work and boom that was the trick! I do believe it’s important to collaborate and work with soul sisters who you feel called to for sure – but just make sure it’s in alignment with your vision and they have your best interests at heart.

It’s Going To Take Blood, Sweat & Tears

Many people I’ve come across want to be successful and be self-employed but they don’t want to put in the man-hours. The number of messages I receive from people asking me to give them years worth of knowledge, research and contacts I’ve worked hard to obtain has really shocked me. I’m all for helping people don’t get me wrong that’s what I’m here for, but I have no got to where I am today nor has any successful entrepreneur I’m sure by having it spoon fed to them. You have to go out and do the work, fail a few times, learn new tools and techniques. This is where your life experience and confidence comes from – if everything was given to us on a plate what would we learn? We’d always be relying on other people to help us all the time which is NOT the recipe for a successful business.


Emma It’s Easy For You To Say Everything You Do Is Successful 

Another classic phrase I’ve heard throughout the last few years – what people forget is that I too have been where they are. I’ve had three businesses so far and it’s only the last two that have really taken off and given me these incredible platforms to create the life of my dreams. A few years back I had a merchandise range for my Extreme Couponing business and sold nothing, not one thing! I never let that stop me and I certainly didn’t let that become my story. It’s easy for an outsider to come to these conclusions but we all start out in the same place, but through hard work, determination and passion you can make your business a success. I feel like we live in a time where everybody wants the success and recognition but only a few are willing to give what it takes. You are going to get knockbacks, rejections, the lot but know this the Universe protecting you from what is not meant to be.

Be A Badass Business Babe

Working in the corporate world for the last seven years in numerous roles I’ve learnt that I have to show no fear in business, own my worth and not let anyone tell me my age, boobs or vagina will stop me from doing anything. Thankfully the self-development world is a whole new wave of acceptance, positivity and full of women which is such a blessing. Age is simply a number and once again I’ve had the age card pulled on me so many times with book deals, contracts, clients, brands I could name so many instances – but what that taught me was I didn’t need these people they needed me. So I went and did it off my own back anyway and made it a great success meaning I had more gratitude for the process doing it myself and proved age simply means nothing!

So I hope you have enjoyed reading my five success principles in business and this has given you some much-needed motivation and inspiration to go and be a badass business babe! Believe in your vision and never let anyone tell you differently. This is your life, your soul mission so no matter what the nature of your business is – start telling everyone what you’re doing instead of asking for their permission! If you’d like to find out more about how I built my businesses and how to grow your own you can view my ‘Start Blogging Your Way To Success’ course here. I hope you all have a fantastic week and sending you lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Natalia

    All such relevant and true points. Thank you for shining the light. Keep inspiring?

    1. Emma

      Thanks lovely for reading ❤️✨

  2. Alycelouise

    Such an inspiring blog Emma. It’s true though you won’t get anywhere in life if you yourself don’t put 110% effort in & to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in you. How do you expect anyone else to. X

    1. Emma

      Yasss this is spot on hun thanks for reading ❤️ x

  3. Tim

    Hi Emma

    Recently came across your website and I have to say thank you, you have give some great content and some very inspirational stuff.

    So thank you for sharing your experiences.

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