Now you may be familiar with the traditional 3 steps to the Law of Attraction – ask, believe, receive or maybe you’re a complete newbie to manifesting and don’t have any idea where to start. In my first book Spiritual Queen, I covered my five steps to the Law of Attraction which have been proven to work in my own life and my clients too. So this week I thought I would share with you an in-depth look at the 5 easy steps and how you can implement them in your life.

So, why do I believe there are 5 steps? Well, I started my manifesting journey over four years ago now and it became apparent very quickly that I was hitting roadblocks. Some things would manifest quickly for me whilst other things would take a while or not show up at all. This challenged me to explore where I was going wrong and look at what my secret for success was with the desires I had successfully manifested. This is when I realised the traditional teaching of 3 steps just didn’t cut it for me. I soon found from sharing my journey in my online work and then working with you awesome lot in sessions that I wasn’t alone with this! Numerous others faced the same blocks and issues along the way and now from finding the perfect steps that work for me, I’m excited to share them for the first time properly outside of my book. Following these 5 steps has allowed me to witness where I’m at with each stage and check-in with myself regularly and do the work if I need to. So I hope that this guide will do the same for you and allow you to fearlessly turn your dream life into an abundant reality this year (this is my usual motto but let’s give it some extra time because of lockdown!)


Now, this is the first of the traditional three steps. It’s super important with the Law of Attraction to get specific with the Universe as it’s one gigantic mirror. So the more consistent and specific you can be with this the more the Universe can be with you. There are many great ways to ask you could create a vision board displaying how you’d like your life to look. You could write a goals list down, you could write an intention in affirmation form, you could say it out loud or even think it in your mind. All of these are asking and you only need to ask the once for the Universe to receive your desire. So challenge yourself to get creative with your asking and specific too. If you want to manifest your dream home what would that look like to you – how many bedrooms would it have etc?


The second step is also a traditional step and it’s to believe. Belief can look like a few things, firstly the belief that the Universe can deliver your desire and also that you have the ability to co-create with the Universe. It’s so important to remember that we are also co-creating and that this a 50/50 process where we go 50% of the way and the Universe meets us there too. This is also the stage where it’s important to witness any triggers or limiting beliefs that come up for you. As you set your desire you may notice negative self-talk come up or that maybe you don’t feel worthy of your desire. This is all feedback from your soul and so important as it’s key to identify what stands in between you and your desire, this is the real work in the belief stage that not many teachings talk about. Doing the inner work is so important with manifesting so that you become a vibrational match to your desire and can bring it into your reality. This is also part of the acting as if process I’ll cover later on.

“Doing the inner work is so important with manifesting so that you become a vibrational match to your desire and can bring it into your reality.”


The next step is a new step that I’ve added in which I feel is important and different from the believing stage. Trusting means a few different things, trusting in the divine timing of your life and trusting in the Universe’s process too. There comes a ‘waiting’ period after the first two steps which isn’t a waiting period at all and this is why so many hit a standstill with their manifestations because they aren’t doing these two steps that I’ve added in. Trusting is also when you take your inspired action. So if you want to manifest a new career or job you better get updating that CV/resume, applying for jobs, and even planning your interview outfit. All of these are great ways to act as if and taking your inspired action to meet the Universe 50% of the way.

Let Go

The fourth step is also a new step that I’ve added in, letting go and surrendering. Again, another key step missed out of a lot of teachings. Remember the Universe is one gigantic mirror so if you are feeling attached, needy or feel lack in your life guess what is being mirrored back to you! One of the best things I’ve learned along my journey is ‘needing nothing attracts everything’ and your manifestation will always show up when you need it the least. Why? Because when you are in the present moment, feeling good, and enjoying life you become an energetic match to your desire and allow the Universe to step in and meet you halfway. Letting go is so important as often we try to control the timing and outcome etc which is not creating the space or allowing the Universe to step in and co-create with us. So letting go looks like becoming okay with both outcomes and finding peace with both outcomes whilst still holding that positive outcome in your mind for your desire to happen. Letting go and surrendering is definitely a process but a powerful one that when done right brings your desires to you and fast!


Yasss Queen this is the last step and the best step because your manifestation is here! Make sure to truly celebrate when your desire does turn up because this is also an important step to express gratitude to the Universe and be present with it. It’s easy to fall into a manifestation checklist where you move onto the next thing, this never works and you’ll find yourself in a big unfulfilled heap like I did (this journey is documented in my second book coming out next month Positively Wealthy!) So take the time to be present with your desire, express your gratitude and feel happy because it’s here!

So there you have it guys my five easy tried and tested steps to the Law of Attraction. I hope this has helped to clarify any misconceptions for you and you can go and try these out for yourself now!  Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Also, this week don’t forget the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for only two more days! The Manifestation Membership is a community for Spiritual Queen’s designed to help you turn your dream life into an abundant reality – plus we even have our very own app! So if you feel called to join us and would like my support to help bring your dreams to life plus a community of Queen’s who 100% have your back along the way then this is for you! Click here for more information on how to join my membership and all of the fantastic content that’s included each month. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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    Love this! It makes so much more sense than the traditional one from The Secret. I always felt like something was missing. 🙂 X

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