We knew a further lockdown was coming but who would have thought we’d be facing another 6 week + national lockdown until March potentially. I know this announcement has come as a hard hit to us all and businesses once again and even if you’re not in the UK, I wanted to create a post this week of what you can do to keep your focus and vibration as high as possible over this uncertain time once again.

Don’t Lose Hope

Whatever your views on the vaccine being rolled out are and whether you’ll have it or not, there is hope ahead. Many months ago I kept saying to my friends March/April will be a whole different picture and now that is looking like it could happen. Again, we have to detach from any outcomes here as we know the Universe will unfold the greater plan as it’s meant to. My point is regardless of what we sense, is don’t lose hope for 2021 or bin it off as another lockdown year. This year is different and we knew this would have to happen in order to be able to see the light ahead. This goes for your manifestations too use this time in lockdown to create the space for your desires by clearing out your home and your mind both – physically and emotionally. There is so much that can still be done in this time to set you up for a year of success. So make sure each day in some way you are showing up for yourself and your desires.

Going Within

The last national lockdown that felt this strict was back in March last year when we had much warmer and sunnier days. Now in January spending time outdoors can be limited and also not what our bodies necessarily want all the time. So as winter is a naturally more inward season we’re being challenged to go even more inwards as we have the time to address this now. What is your soul calling you to address right now? Have you been putting things off? Is there a limiting belief or fear standing in between you and your desire? Now is the time to address these things Queen to both create the space for abundance and also to get you ready to receive your desire. Use these next however many weeks in lockdown to go through your butterfly transformation stage – for me personally it’s encouraged me to go dairy and gluten-free to help with my health and take action even if I can’t get any further with appointments and diagnoses etc. This means that when lockdown comes to an end I’m still further along than I was before and hopefully these changes will make a positive impact on my health and life moving forwards which will be a massive positive for me. So get honest with yourself Queen what inner work needs to be done, have you also been meaning to change your diet or lifestyle? There’s no time like the present to clear the way for abundance and your desires to come to you. The Universe has once again slowed us down to give us the gift of time and healing.

“This year is different and we knew this would have to happen in order to be able to see the light ahead. This goes for your manifestations too use this time in lockdown to create the space for your desires by clearing out your home and your mind both – physically and emotionally. There is so much that can still be done in this time to set you up for a year of success.”

Commit To Something

The one thing that is in your control over the foreseeable future is what you give your energy to. You could spend the next 6 weeks coasting through, or you could commit to something that will help better yourself and contribute towards your goals. Maybe this is sticking to a daily practice or taking up yoga for example. It doesn’t matter how big or small the commitment is, but commit to yourself Queen because you deserve it. After we come out of lockdown what is one thing you’d like to have achieved? For me it’s reading my new Bridgerton books (yass I’m obsessed!), getting the house in order, and feeling spring ready as well as feeling clearer in my health. So in whatever ways I can commit to those things Covid permitting I will. So what will you be committing to over the next six weeks? It could be to be kinder to yourself and prioritise self-care also.

Raise Your Vibes

Lastly, make sure you’re regularly doing things to raise your vibration and mood. Although the news and current circumstances are anything but positive right now, we can still take action and feel good within ourselves. So whether that’s having a daily dance to your favorite song, singing, doing some yoga, meditating, or having a chat with your loved ones. Whatever raises your vibes make sure you’re doing at least one thing a day to support yourself over the coming weeks.

Although this launch was planned anyway, the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for the next seven days! The membership launched 13 months ago now which means when you sign-up you get instant access to over 13 months worth of topics and content which certainly can raise your vibes and keep you focused over this lockdown. The membership is an affordable and accessible group coaching setting where you get monthly live moon circles and coaching sessions with myself, as well as industry expert live circles, workbooks, meditations, videos, downloadable content and much more each and every month! If you’d like to find out more information and what’s included then you can find everything by clicking here and also how you can sign up. Join me and make 2021 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you keep motivated and raise your vibes during lockdown! Don’t forget my brand NEW money and manifesting journal ‘The Positively Wealthy Journal’ is available to order now worldwide from anywhere that sells books! The Positively Wealthy Journal is a separate product but also linked to my bestselling book Positively Wealthy. It’s a money and Law of Attraction journal designed to be used over a 12-month period to help you manifest your financial and manifestation goals. When you order a copy you can also get my Manifesting & Abundance meditation worth £22 absolutely FREE! You can find out more information on the journal and how to order here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford Law of Attraction book

Emma xx
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