Panda Drinks Review*

Today I have been asked to review Panda Drinks and why they are a great drink not only for Kids but us Grown-ups too!

Being a 90s kid this is how we all remember Panda drinks as Panda Pops. I remember having these at friends parties and getting so excited our tongues were red! Gone are the days of artificial colours & preservatives!


So just how different are Panda drinks now-a-days? Well, apart from a complete rebranding and switching to soft drinks, Panda owned by Nichols PLC (Vimto) have taken a complete new look on still drinks. Panda Drinks pride themselves on No added sugar, Natural Flavours & Natural Colours. The handy sized bottle (250ml) means for me when I’m working I can simply pop them in my handbag and on the desk. The sports cap is equally as important as it’s easy to drink and will stop any spillage’s your Kids may have!  Its pure ease for me and these are great for this. They now have 3 different categories of flavours Still Flavoured Water (Blackcurrant, Orange & Pineapple). Still Juice Drinks (Blackcurrant, Raspberry) and finally the bigger Squash Bottles (Summer Fruits, Tropical). So how do these compare to other leading juice brands?

All price comparisons below are from Tesco’s.


I think £0.99 for 1L of Juice is a fab price! Robinson’s for example RRP at £1.49 for the same 1L.



At £1.99 for 6 this makes them just over 33p per bottle. They often have offers on which make these even cheaper per bottle! 6x Volvic 500ml bottles RRP for £3 although they are double the size, personally I love flavoured water and prefer these to Volvic as you can taste so much more flavour in the water.

All in all i’m 100% converted to Panda Drinks I love my flavoured water and can see I will be stocking up on these!

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Emma xx
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