Tilly, Teddy & Elliot's Guide To Saving Money On Your Pets

Francesca and I love our beloved pets and we feel it’s about time we did a special post on all the available freebies, discounts and coupons available to pamper your pet with. Here at Extreme Couponing and Deals UK we always focus on deals, freebies and coupons for ourselves so we think it’s time we shared some love for our pampered pets! Introducing Tilly & Teddy, Francesca’s dogs. Also Elliot the Extreme Couponing and Deals UK Goldfish! Here they are to help you on your way to saving money with your pets.

FREE Pet Food Samples

Purina One Dog Food Sample 

Nature’s Menu Puppy Pack 

Go Cat Crunchy and Tender Sample 

Platinum Dog Food Sample 

Purina One Cat Food Sample 

Gourmet Cat Food Sample 

Trophy Food Sample 

Wiffitmix Dog Food Samples (Select the product then click ‘Sample’)

Europa Dog Food Samples (99p Delivery)

Salters dog food Sample

Cesar Savoury Delights Sample (Send sample to friend and get them to send you one back)

Showpride Dog Shampoo Samples

Oscar FREE Meal Dogs/Cats 

Bob and Lush Dog Food Sample 


30p OFF Delibakie Dog Treats 

£1 OFF Iams Cat Food 

£1 OFF Gourmet Cat Food 

£5 OFF Hills Dog or Cat Food

£5 OFF Royal Canin Food  

Wagg Coupons (Fill in the survey for Wagg in exchange for Coupons)

Other Freebies 

FREE Dog Microchipping 

FREE Tank Algae Pad (In Store Voucher)

FREE Cat or Dog Goody Bags (Asda)

FREE Nutrition Consultation (All Pets)

FREE 1.5kg James Wellbeloved Dog/Cat Food Bag 

Loyalty Cards 

Pets At Home VIP Club (Coupons, Discounts and Freebies)

Royal Canin (Earn Points, to spend on products)

Exclusive Discounts 

10% OFF at Pampered Pooch Clothing (Message the page and quote code: EXCOUPUK)

10% OFF at Nature Grain Free Dog Food At Pet Shopper (Any Size, Purchase through Paypal and enter code: EXCOUPUK into the message box you will receive a 10% refund)




Emma xx
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