It’s that time of year again Queen where the winter solstice is upon us. On Monday 21st December 2020 in the northern hemisphere we experience the shortest day of the year or in other words the winter solstice. This is a powerful time to go within and reflect on the last year in order to start sowing the seeds for the spring and summer. This is also a powerful solstice as also on the 21st of December it’s ‘The Great Conjunction’ which hasn’t been visible for over 400 years – more on this later. So this week I wanted to share with you a helpful blog post and rituals you can follow this Monday.

First of all, let’s talk about The Great Conjunction which is also known as the Bethlehem star (some believe this is what was visible in the sky to the three wise men). The Great Conjunction happens when the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter (abundance, expansion, wisdom) and Saturn (karma, boundaries, structure) will meet in the sign of Aquarius for the first time in over 400 years. Many believe this is the start of the Age of Aquarius (source Katilyn Kaerhart). Whilst some astrologers also believe the Age of Aquarius started years ago so do your research on that one and see what you vibe. The Great Conjunction will be visible from the night sky as the planets ‘come together’ to great a bright light in the sky. The Great Conjunction will bring spiritually – growth, healing, good fortune, expansion while clearing karmic debt and freeing ourselves from any heavy karma. It’s a time to reflect on important lessons learned this year. Make a wish and expect magic!

Now let’s move onto the winter solstice! It carries a deep meaning of being the time to turn inwards away from the world. This is very much a deep divine feminine energy inviting us to go within and heal. The darkness of winter represents the polarity of darkness/light, yin/yang and masculine/feminine energy. It’s also a time of celebration as we are at the halfway point and we now journey back towards the light and summer months. So simply put this is the time to address anything within you that you’ve been avoiding or putting off. This time of year also symbolizes a deep clearing and a time of rebirth and the dying of the old to make way for the new. It’s a good time to clear out the old energetically, emotionally, and physically, heal anything if need be, and leave it in 2020 to create space and way for new abundance and miracles. Once again this doesn’t mean that everything in your life will fall away it’s simply challenging you to address this now and not carry any residue over into this new year. So it could also mean a rebirth of energy, love, friendships absolutely anything!


A great first practice to celebrate the winter solstice would be to write a list of what you would like to shift in your life. This is a great time to reflect on what has felt dark within you and bring this to the light now. How would you like to improve this in 2021 and move into a better place? We’ve gone through such a transformation this year personally and as a collective so make sure to sit with yourself and reflect on the highs and lows of this year. Who are you now as a person? What shifts would you like to see and action in 2021? Once you’ve written your list this is the time to let it go, forgive and finally release these karmic ties and fears. There is a very karmic vibe to this winter solstice and we have The Great Conjunction too so really allow yourself to reflect, get honest, and release anything that comes up for you over this period.

Get Grounded

After a heavy and chaotic year mixed with the recent eclipse energy, it’s important to take time to slow down and connect more now than ever. You could focus on self-love and self-care and have a relaxing salt bath to ground, you could do a grounding meditation (I have one free when you sign up to my newsletter), a grounding yoga practice, or you could get outside in nature and spend time connecting to Mother Earth today. Either way take the time today to slow down and connect to your body, breath, and Mother Earth.

“In the darkness, we can turn the light on. So this practice is about illuminating those parts of you so they can transform and shift now.”

Invite In The Light

A great tradition in winter solstice is to light a candle to invite the light back in, this would be a great practice to not only signify the light but allow you to let go of your past. Create yourself a candle alter if it’s safe to do so and meditate if you feel called to, you could even do an angelic chord cutting meditation to really release your past and cut any chords to people, fears, or situations that are no longer serving you. The next thing I would suggest doing is burning your reflective list, now please make sure you do this safely either outside or next to a window. Make sure you put safety first here and you don’t have to light the paper with the candle either. The Universe wants you to be safe guys! Equally, if you can’t burn the paper please destroy it in a way that feels appropriate surrounded by candles. The point of this practice is to let go and invite the light back in so truly allow yourself to let go of these things now and welcome the re-birth and new energy into your life. In the darkness, we can turn the light on. So this practice is about illuminating those parts of you so they can transform and shift now.

Slow Down & Pause

Although December has been very different this year, it’s still felt very busy and chaotic at times due to the pandemic. This means we probably haven’t been focusing on self-love and filling our own cup up this month as the days seem to whizz by. The winter solstice reminds us that during this inner reflective time it’s also ideal for working on self-love and slowing down before Christmas. Allow yourself to slow down and relax on Monday, dedicate the time to these practices, and make the day about you. Whether this is your self-love routine, a nice hot bubble bath, or simply time alone reading. Whatever your idea of relaxing on Monday is – make sure you do it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools for a great winter solstice ritual this week! Don’t forget my brand NEW money and manifesting journal ‘The Positively Wealthy Journal’ is available to order now worldwide from anywhere that sells books! The Positively Wealthy Journal is a separate product but also linked to my bestselling book Positively Wealthy. It’s a money and Law of Attraction journal designed to be used over a 12-month period to help you manifest your financial and manifestation goals. When you order a copy you can also get my Manifesting & Abundance meditation worth £22 absolutely FREE! You can find out more information on the journal and how to order here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


The Positively Wealthy Journal by Emma Mumford

Emma xx
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