I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through September already, time is flying by! When tuning in to what I felt called to write this week here on the blog I still feel a real sense of change for myself and all of us right now. So much is changing before our eyes in our personal life and in the collective. One theme that has been present for me recently and I know others as it seems to be a running theme right now in my client sessions is reminding ourselves of self-worth and how we can empower ourselves this week to be the Spiritual Queen we know we are!


First of all great way to check-in with yourself and see where the work needs to be done is to see how your chakras are feeling. Mainly when people are feeling a lack of confidence, self-worth or empowerment this can all link to the solar plexus. The yellow chakra (solar plexus) is located at the top of your stomach, this chakra is the power hub, our inner roar, and where our strength and confidence comes from. So if this chakra is unbalanced you may be noticing bloating in that area, stomach issues or maybe pain or cramps there. You don’t always have physical symptoms when a chakra is unbalanced but sometimes you will as this is your body’s way of getting your attention. So I would strongly advise working on this chakra (you can get some great balancing meditations on YouTube) to help you step more into your power and into self-worth. Also, a lot of the time when you’re looking at the solar plexus you can also find that the throat chakra (blue chakra located on your throat area) and the sacral chakra (orange chakra at the bottom of your stomach) may also be unbalanced too. The throat chakra allows us to speak our truth and express yourself, so ask yourself do you feel any tension in your throat area? Are you clearing your throat regularly? Are you speaking up for your self and voicing your truth? As this is all linked to our empowerment and self-worth too. You could also work with certain crystals to help balance your chakras.

Taking Action

Next up is of course the inspired action if you want to feel empowered and full of self-worth you need to be walking your talk and taking action. If you’re not happy with a situation in your life are you tolerating this? If you’re not walking your talk and creating change, change can’t happen. The Universe gives us what we tolerate and I often have to remind myself of this still. Yes, it’s great to be positive and hope for a positive outcome but if it’s costing our boundaries, confidence, and self-worth then it’s too expensive. It’s up to you to take that action and show the Universe what you will and won’t tolerate without fear stepping in. It can be scary to do this but what’s worse – remaining small to please others at your own emotional cost or stepping up and receiving the desire you deserve? So make a list of where you’re giving your power away currently and affirm each morning ‘I reclaim my power and call back all the lost pieces of myself’

“The Universe gives us what we tolerate and I often have to remind myself of this still. Yes, it’s great to be positive and hope for a positive outcome but if it’s costing our boundaries, confidence, and self-worth then it’s too expensive. It’s up to you to take that action and show the Universe what you will and won’t tolerate without fear stepping in.”


Check-in with your self-love here Queen, how full is your cup right now? Self-love ties nicely into self-worth and empowerment because if you’re not looking after yourself and filling up your self-love and self-care cup then this is how you can begin to feel disempowered, feel a lack of self-worth, or let others take advantage of you. So challenge yourself today what can you do for self-love and self-care this week?

Keeping Choosing You

One of the most important steps in this is to keep choosing you, that doesn’t mean you are selfish or you’re not equally giving to others – it’s all about balance. Your relationship with yourself is the longest you’ll have in this lifetime so it’s important that it’s a healthy and positive one. Sometimes this means choosing you. If you don’t want to do those social plans but you feel guilty by saying no – is that good self-love? Are you choosing what’s right for you? It can be scary to choose ourselves because we can feel like we’ll offend a loved one or maybe miss out on something or worse. Ask yourself though is sacrificing your happiness and ignoring your needs not scary in itself and probably why you’re reading this post because it doesn’t feel too good to do this (I’ll hold my hand up here too). We’re all guilty of over-giving and a Spiritual Queen too we love to give and help others, but this should never cause you upset or lower your vibration – so keep choosing you.

Have Fun

Finally of course, make sure you’re having fun! Sometimes with this work, it can feel heavy, we can judge ourselves and feel low. So make sure with all of the above tips and tools you’re also having fun too. How can you invite more fun and joy into your week? What would really serve your soul this week? Challenge yourself to have fun as this in itself is taking your power back, keeping yourself present, and very empowering!

I hope this blog post has helped you and has given you some useful tips to go away and try this week to help empower you and feel full of self-worth. Also this week I have a super exciting announcement for you all. Queen, do you want to live a life free of limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks? Are you ready to clear the way to abundance and manifest fun, joy, and your desires into your life? If so my new 6-week Inner Child Joy programme is stating on the 5th October 2020. I’ll be teaching you how to meet, heal, and transform with your Inner Child. The Inner Child I believe is the secret to unlocking true fulfillment in your adult life and this is why I’m so passionate about bringing this course to you all. So if you feel like this is for you Queen then you can find out all the information here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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