Who can believe it’s nearing the Autumn equinox already! I feel like we’ve blinked again and now it really is officially Autumn next week. The Autumn equinox welcomes in Autumn officially on the 22nd September 2020 (dates may vary depending on the year). So I thought it was the perfect time to share with you a manifesting ritual for the equinox and how you can use this energy to create shift and change over the coming months.


First up as we enter the season of Harvest, it’s time for us to take note of all the wonderful things we’ve achieved or manifested this year. It’s so important with this Autumn equinox to give thanks for all the ‘crops’ we’ve enjoyed this year and the successes we’ve reaped. So write yourself a gratitude list of all the wonderful and happy things that have happened this year. 2020 has been a year like no other with so many having big setbacks and cancellations in life so this is a great opportunity to shine the light on what has gone well and what we can be thankful for even with this disruption and a new way of life.

Declutter Your Life

The Autumn equinox is the perfect time to declutter your life Queen! As when we create the space in our minds, spiritually and physically in our homes we allow new abundance and manifestations to come into our life. Autumn is all about letting things go, so have a good sort out this week to shake up the energy in your home and to create the space for new energy to come in. Also when you create the space in your wardrobe you can buy some new autumnal jumpers too (personal tip not a spiritual one!)

“The trees trust that by letting go of the leaves they’ll grow back again come Spring and the same works with us and manifesting. We have to allow what needs to fall away go and create the space for new abundance and energy to enter our lives.”

Let Things Fall Away

Now more than ever is the perfect time to let things fall away that need to, I often notice big changes in my life each year with Autumn and this year has been no different! Although change can feel uncomfortable and even scary sometimes we all know from experience that it’s always guiding us to exactly where we need to be and change is positive. The trees trust that by letting go of the leaves they’ll grow back again come Spring and the same works with us and manifesting. We have to allow what needs to fall away go and create the space for new abundance and energy to enter our lives. When we do this we take so much pressure off ourselves and let go of the weight we were carrying, change is inevitable but remember new beginnings often happen soon after we let go of the old. So over the equinox write yourself a list of things you are ready to let go of now these could be emotions, people, situations etc and then burn if you can or destroy this list to let it fall away.

Sow The Seeds

Lastly, in your Autumn equinox ritual, don’t forget to get outside and of course spend time in nature too as this will help you connect to the equinox energy and Mother Earth. Then on the 22nd once you’ve done all of the above it’s time to think about what you’d like to call in over the last remaining months of this year. Looking back at your goals list, vision board, etc for this year how do you feel looking at now? Have you changed since January when setting these goals? Do these goals still match your desires and vision for the rest of the year? If yes, then you can write a mini manifestation list of extra things you’d like to call in during 2020, or if not, then you can burn this previous goals list and write yourself a new manifestation list for the rest of the year reflecting your new intentions and energy. Either way, make sure you are setting some intentions over the Equinox as this the perfect time to usher in new abundance into your life with this energy of change and shift in the air.

I hope this blog post has helped you and has given you a great ritual to follow over the Autumn equinox, please do let me know how you get on! Also this week I have a super exciting announcement for you all. Queen, do you want to live a life free of limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks? Are you ready to clear the way to abundance and manifest fun, joy, and your desires into your life? If so my new 6-week Inner Child Joy programme is stating on the 5th October 2020. I’ll be teaching you how to meet, heal, and transform with your Inner Child. The Inner Child I believe is the secret to unlocking true fulfillment in your adult life and this is why I’m so passionate about bringing this course to you all. So if you feel like this is for you Queen then you can find out all the information here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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