Change has always scared me. No matter what form of change positive or negative (which let’s face it always turns into a positive anyway), I have resisted and feared change most of my life. Recently my life has changed massively both in my personal life and in my career. I’m selling my first business and will be doing my spiritual work full-time soon. My life is changing massively right before my eyes but somehow I’m stopping this abundance from flowing to me by clinging onto to what I have out of fear.

It’s healthy to witness this fear and I know so many of you will be fearing this change too. We want all these incredible manifestations to appear but are we ready to let go, jump into the unknown on pure faith to see what awaits us on the other side? I guarantee your answer may be no right now just like mine. In the last month I’ve been faced with incredible blessings but also a lot of uncertainty. After being told by Rachel that I needed to sell my business asap, I suddenly thought what am I going to do without the safety net of my first business and the safety of that money? I was told to trust just like I did before when I first started that business. I was in no way earning enough money to go self-employed but I had no choice. I jumped and the Universe rewarded me beyond my wildest dreams. Even though I wasn’t spiritual at the time I knew something was looking after me and that I had to do this. It’s funny how five years on I’m now doing the same with my spiritual business.

“Raise your standards and the Universe will meet you there”

Career-wise my work is taking many positive changes at the moment. I feel my branding is getting stronger, I feel so much more fulfilled with my content and that everything is growing at a great pace. My shops are always busy and I’m always shipping orders. In regards to my book although this is still fresh I will say things haven’t turned out how I thought they would. I’m in shock really that I’d come this far to be told the most bizarre ‘No’. Since being forced to pick myself back up and re-think my book’s publisher miracles have happened. I’m launching my first Spiritual Queen Summit event this October (details to follow). I’ve birthed the most incredible new merchandise product which has been a dream of mine for years. The reason why this has happened so quickly after facing that rejection is that I remembered my worth and that I didn’t need anyone to make my dreams happen. Anything is possible and our faith can move mountains. I also had another publisher approach me about my book in the same week, one much more fitting that loved me exactly how I am.

Now you may think I’ve got my big leaps of faith nailed, I certainly do in my business. I’m always so confident and never take no for an answer. I make things happen because I 100% believe in my work, my worth and have the drive to birth my content and ideas into the world. When it comes to my personal life I’ve struggled. In the past old friends have taken advantage and I’ve been too scared to walk away out of the fear of being alone and loss. Again with previous relationships I’ve clung on until the very end because I couldn’t look at love the same way as I do my work. With my work, I can instantly detach, know my worth, move on and know that my work will still be a success. With love, I just couldn’t have that same belief.

If you’re a twin flame then you’ll know first hand how hard this journey is. I manifested my dream man and then all hell broke loose as I didn’t know what this love entailed and the journey we’d go on. Authenticity is always what I deliver in all of my content and you guys know if you’ve followed my work that the last eight months have been an emotional but transformational period for me. I’ve really had to let go of what I thought this process looked like and really surrender everything to aid my growth and happiness. I want to admit that I’ve not been raising my standards in this department. It hit home to me recently that one day if I carried on this way that my children would see me unhappy, they would know I settled for low-level behaviour and I would never want them to think this was love. I realised that I would stand on stage telling you all to raise your game, don’t accept anyone’s shit and be authentically you – but I’d be living a lie as I wasn’t doing this myself. As twins, we hold on to what we can, and again my fear of loss came and hit me like a truck. Why could I so fearlessly jump off a cliff into the unknown with work but not surrender this all to the Universe for transformation?

In order for change, transformation and miracles to happen we have to shed the old. We have to let go of absolutely everything we know and say ‘I give up Universe you know best and I’m handing this over to you to transform in whatever way is for my highest good’. Something had to change and it was me. I had tolerated so much, forgiven so much thinking this was spiritual and the right thing to do but all the time I was not walking my talk. I would voice my worth for sure, but would never execute when that worth was not met. I settled which is not me and certainly not what I preach so I wasn’t showing up authentically in my own personal life. It all became words, I was taken for granted, with no action and I realised this was all one big mirror once again. I was not walking my own talk. I don’t want to paint a bad picture here as that’s not the case he is simply showing me exactly what he’s meant to be. This is what a twin flame journey is we trigger one another into healing and ascension by showing one another our deepest wounds. He’s reminding me to raise my game, walk my talk and not to fear love. Love is my deepest wound and he’s reminding me that I can trust him, the Universe and know my worth. The Universe was showing me that in order to finally transform this situation I had to walk my talk, believe in my worth fully and trust that by drawing the line the cycles would finally be broken.

‘The Universe is never testing you, it’s simply giving you an opportunity to practise all that you sat you are’ – Maryam Hasnaa

This is why you need to take these big leaps of faith, just like with my career miracles happen. The Universe loves a believer and when we surrender and offer up our relationships, ideas and manifestations to the Universe in moments of utter hopelessness we open up the door to abundance, change and love. The Universe can step in and say ‘Right now we know your strong enough, learnt the lessons and know you’re worth – we can bring this to you’. We get what we tolerate simply – so I challenge you to really honestly look at your life like I have and see where change needs to happen. The unknown may be scary, it may be daunting but I promise only happiness and abundance awaits those who surrender and leap into the unknown with faith and love in their heart. Make sure you can say you lived your best life and you never settled for anything less than pure magic in this life.

Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope it has helped you and given you some much-needed inspiration on how big leaps bring big rewards into our lives. Don’t forget that I’ve launched a new FREE Law of Attraction quiz called ‘What kind of Manifesting Queen are you?’ you can find the quiz here. Sending you all lots of love and positive vibes, I hope you all have a fantastic week xx

Emma xx
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