This week I’m really feeling called to ground myself and remember that all the answers we ever need are accessible to us at any time. The answer is always within us…

If your anything like me whenever I need help, support or guidance I always turn to my friends, oracle cards, my spirit guides and psychics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as all of these tools have been put here to guide us and help us grow and awaken further. The problem is I’ve become reliant on them meaning that I don’t go within to find the answer I’m always searching externally. This isn’t developing our intuition or inner compass this is simply by-passing the inner journey because we’re incapable of trusting ourselves as a valid source.

Recently as my psychic abilities have developed I’ve been able to predict massive things in my life, dates and things for my friends. Like with any new skill I have got some things I sensed wrong, but I choose to look at it that maybe free will changed how I saw it and maybe it’s been pushed back a bit. I instantly took this as a failure and started to doubt my abilities and started searching externally once again. Now, this then knocked my vibration because instead of being certain, relaxed and getting on with life. I became un-worthy, panicky and fearful – this all happened by simply not trusting and looking externally. The external answers I received reflected the positive outcome I originally sensed so what did I have to worry about?

The problem was I then couldn’t trust these answers I was given externally by my guides, oracle cards and intuitive friends. Simply because I was disconnecting with myself, my truth and I wasn’t going within. Just like books and spiritual teachers we all resonate with different work and teachings. Some things vibe and some things don’t and that’s absolutely fine that’s why we have so many incredible teachers rising into the spotlight so that we can resonate with more people around the world. We all share the same message we all just have a unique way of sharing this. Even this can become looking externally when we constantly seek answers in videos, blog posts or books. Yes, these tools are great but they should simply give you great tools to go within and discover once again.

When we disconnect from our truth, we’re just blindly running around in circles waiting for someone else to give us a direction or next step. The disconnection is a call to go within, ground yourself and become present as fuck. It’s only when we truly block out any other piece of advice we’ve been given and ask ourselves ‘What is my truth? What do I want to do? What does my heart tell me?’ That will be your answer, your truth and your peace. That is the only answers that you can trust and move forward with. It’s important that we honour ourselves and truth at all times – and always act upon our truth becuase that comes from a place of connection, integrity and love. If something doesn’t vibe with you it’s because you’re not meant to do it. No matter how many oracle cards you pull, or how many signs you ask for from the Universe. You should always do what feels good to you and what is in line with your inner truth. Always follow your heart it will never be wrong.

I hope this blog post has helped you and reminded you that your inner compass is the most reliable tool we have, when we ignore it we will never be directed or be connected – we just cut ourselves off from miracles and happiness. As always I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to check out my NEW Manifestation Meditations playlist if you haven’t already here. Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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  1. This post came at the perfect time. I’ve been really getting the nudge lately to trust my inner voice. So many signs have been appearing to tell me to just go within and listen, AND now, I stumbled across this post. Another sign!!

    I guess this truly means something.

    Great post Emma.

    1. Yasss trust yourself and thanks for reading this ??

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