Having a spiritual daily practise can change your life, this isn’t one of those statements you hear online to hook you into anything. I’m sharing this because I couldn’t live without my daily spiritual practise and I believe routine and consistency is key with the Law of Attraction, the best bit is that all of these are completely free! So today I wanted to share with you the reason why I believe you should have a daily practise and to give you some helpful suggestions on what you could include in your practise to feel positive in your mornings and to set yourself up for a day full of abundance.

Yes that’s right, by doing a daily practise you really can set your day up positively and even manifest! Now if you’re a loyal follower of mine (first of all thank you) but you will probably already have a morning routine set up which is great and this blog post will hopefully help you to dive deeper into your practise and you may even find some fun new practises to add in. If you don’t currently have a practise but are intrigued by the Law of Attraction and positive thinking creating a spiritual daily practise can massively shift your manifesting game. I always notice when I miss a day of my practise and it really does help me to stay focused, aligned and face troubles more positively.

When we wake up in the morning how we spend our first half an hour is crucial in how we’ll go throughout our day. If you’re guilty of picking up your phone and scrolling through social media first thing in the morning before you have to get up for work, then this time could be used to positively impact your day. If you’re tired of feeling unmotivated or even dreading the day ahead all of this can change by simply utilising the first half an hour of your day. A spiritual daily practise doesn’t even need to take half an hour depending on what practises you choose it could even be around fifteen minutes. So here are a few examples of what you could incorporate into your daily practise.

“When done consistently your daily practise really should allow you to have a much more positive, focused mindset in the morning and equally help you to be able to tackle any challenge’s that arise throughout the day more positively and from a grounded place.”



Gratitude Practise

Tools Required: Notebook & Pen

Time Required: 10 minutes

One of the most common but effective spiritual daily practises you can do is a gratitude practise. These don’t take much time at all and are a great way to feel good as soon as you wake up and invite even more positivity into your life. I know myself even I used to over complicate my gratitude practise which meant I didn’t stick to it so my main message with all of these practises is to make them doable for you and your schedule so you’re more likely to stick to them. Grab your notebook and pen and list down 3-5 points of gratitude for things you currently have in your life. These could be very obvious points or you could even challenge yourself to dig deeper and list non materialistic things. They way I suggest to word your sentences are ‘I am so grateful for…because…’ when we list our why it challenges us to dig deeper and really feel the good feelings behind gratitude, because as you know what we give gratitude to only multiples so the more reasons you can find to be grateful in your life currently will only attract even more reasons to be grateful. Also this will set you up with a positive vibration first thing in the morning, as a bonus practise just before you go to bed at night reflect upon all the great things that happened throughout your day and list each one either out loud or in your mind ‘Thank you Universe for the great meeting I had today’.


EFT or ‘Tapping’

Tools Required: Laptop/Phone and YouTube

Time Required: 5-8 minutes

EFT or ‘tapping’ is a great practise I’ve loved incorporating into my morning routine. If trying out the gratitude practise only right now feels manageable then please look at the next few suggestions once you’ve become consistent with your gratitude and feel it’s manageable. Over our entire body we have what are called Meridian points these Meridian points are energy centres that hold energy. So every now and again as you can imagine they become stuck or stagnant with energy. Tapping is a very commonly used method in counselling although I always thought it was very spiritual! I love to follow a great guy called Brad Yates on YouTube who has thousands of guided tapping videos ready for you to explore. You can do tapping for emotional release such as ‘getting out of a funk or if you’re feeling unworthy of love’ etc or you can do manifesting tapping for topics such as ‘raising your vibration and becoming a money magnet’. Either way have a look at Brad’s channel and see what you intuitively feel drawn to. His videos range from 3-8 minutes long on average so these don’t take up a lot of your time in a morning and can really help you to shift negative feelings and manifest abundance!



Meditation or Oracle Cards

Tools Required: Oracle Cards and a quiet space

Time Required: 10 minutes

The final suggestion for your spiritual daily practise is to either meditate or intuitively ask for guidance (this can also be done with oracle cards if you’d prefer). I love every morning asking my Angels and spirit guides what I need to know today with oracle cards as this really helps me to set my focus and to receive guidance on any situations I feel unsure about. So choose which one you’d prefer to add into your practise as I know some people prefer to meditate and internally ask for guidance within their practise. You could also set some intentions or repeat affirmations within your meditation which can equally set you up for a positive day and manifest your day ahead. Meditating first thing in the morning even only for a few minutes can allow you to gracefully enter your day with a calm and focused mind or you could do a guided meditation if you’d prefer. Either way this can be a great grounded way to start your day.

Creating your own daily practise should be fun so if you want to add a psychical activity in there like yoga for example then please do! When done consistently your daily practise really should allow you to have a much more positive, focused mindset in the morning and equally help you to be able to tackle any challenge’s that arise throughout the day more positively and from a grounded place. I really would be lost without my daily practise and know this is what positively contributes to me having a high vibration regularly. So I hope this blog post has inspired you with some great practises that you can go and try and please do let me know how you get on and your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Don’t forget you can join my FREE 7 day Manifesting Challenge starting on January 1st designed to help you kick start your manifesting journey in 2020, so make sure to sign up here to be involved! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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