Letting things fall away in our life is hard, because as human beings we resist change and want everything to stay the same. When in fact we are cyclic beings and everything around us constantly is changing. With the recent heavy energy of the Mercury Retrograde this November and a powerful New Moon this week I wanted to share with you why you should let things fall away in your life right now.

No this doesn’t mean you’re about to loose everything and you should say goodbye to your troubles in life. What I mean by this letting go is allowing. Allowing things that need to fall away right now fall away, over the last month as a collective it’s been a tough ride everyone I speak to even my clients have all had the same face plant experience during this recent Mercury Retrograde. Whilst this has now passed we are still in the shadow period of the retrograde until the first week of December, so if you’re still facing hardships and challenges as I know so many of us are this will be why. We also had a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius this week which once again is preparing us for the New Year and is clearing away anything that is not in alignment for us anymore. This is why it’s felt so tough recently mixed with eclipse season creeping in now it’s going to be an interesting end to not only 2019 but this decade. The reason why I believe so much change, chaos and hardships are happening right now is because the Universe is giving us the opportunity to clear out any last negative aspects to our life and people before we enter 2020 and a new decade.

2020 is a potent year I’ve felt it for myself over the last few years, there will be lots of new energy coming in but I’m really not the expert on this so make sure to follow great astrologers like Danielle Paige and Yasmin Boland as they will share what this new energy fully means. All I know is that it’s a welcome shift for us, positive change will be happening and I feel it will be a much lighter year overall. The beginning of a new decade also signifies change and new beginnings so really your current challenges are encouraging you to let all that you don’t want anymore or that’s not in alignment to fall away so this new abundant energy can come in with the new year. That’s not to say all your problems will be magically fixed come January, it’s just giving you the opportunity currently to re-evaluate your decisions and who is coming with you. Like I said if you’re currently experiencing hardships with loved ones or friends this doesn’t mean you have to drop them. If you feel they are meant to stay in your life trust that and let the negativity fall away. Really this is all about trusting and allowing what is meant to, happen. If someone is exiting your life don’t resist this if they’re meant to stay they will, if something feels impossible right now but you know it will work out great, trust your intuition and allow your fears surrounding this to fall away.

“Essentially this is about getting real with yourself here and being honest in what no longer serves your highest good. Are you clinging onto anything you know you need to release?”

The Universe has really tested us over the last few months, everyone I speak to has gone through something life changing or upsetting, now that’s not to say every single human has experienced this I just think as a collective we’re really been given the opportunity to up level right now and redefine what it is we want for ourselves in 2020 and in this new decade. This is a great time to think about what it is your truly want in this new decade and set those intentions, anything else that doesn’t feel great let it all fall away as it’s meant to. The reason why things fall away in our life right before we manifest something is simply to create the room for the manifestation to come in, this doesn’t always have to be a negative and creating positive room in your life is always healthy. Essentially this is about getting real with yourself here and being honest in what no longer serves your highest good. Are you clinging onto anything you know you need to release?

Sometimes releasing things doesn’t mean goodbye, when you let go of your control and allow yourself to step back and focus on something else you actually allow the Universe to get to work and start creating shifts. I’ve had this many times in my life where I’ve been forced to let things fall away to actually to my surprise be built up even stronger than before. Letting go can be hard and this is definitely a process you need to lean into, often we think we’ve surrendered then end up re-attaching subtly so make sure you are flowing with process and allowing yourself to let go of resistance. This isn’t just happening in our own personal life, this letting things fall away right now theme is happening globally and collectively. We are at the cusp of a brand new year and a new decade we’ve never lived before full of fresh starts, new chances and new opportunities but that abundance can’t come in if you’re resisting this falling away process. So in the next month before we end 2019 really get honest with yourself of the people, pain, defeats, disappointments, hurt, heartbreak, mistakes and missed opportunities that need to stay in 2019. Work on that healing process and letting it fall away so that in 2020 you can dedicate your days to welcoming in exactly what is for your highest good.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to really look at what you can let fall away and what doesn’t need to be taken into your 2020. Don’t take the energy of this year’s shedding into a brand new year and decade do the work now so that you can enjoy the festive period with your loved ones and welcome in brand new opportunities and change come the New Year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Don’t forget you can join my FREE 7 day Manifesting Challenge starting on January 1st designed to help you kick start your manifesting journey in 2020, so make sure to sign up here to be involved! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Anela

    This post was exactly what I needed to hear right now, as I’m working on releasing the old.. It’s not so easy, but it definitely is worth it! 🙂

  2. Rachel Degen

    I had always been trying to understand what falling away was to mean in my life and your explanation is really helpful. So many things to leave in 2019 because I have a strong feeling that 2020 is bringing miracles! Thanks, Emma!

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