As we enter into the last month of this year and begin to wrap up our year and even this decade. Over the coming weeks, I want to share with you all great ways you can prepare for the festive season, winter solstice and of course the New Year and new decade. This week I want to talk to you about why it’s important to flow with your manifestations and how when you do flow it can make your manifestations come into fruition faster!

Flowing with our manifestations can seem hard especially when we’re fixed on how a manifestation should happen and when. You may have heard me say before that when you set an intention with the Universe and ‘ask’ for a manifestation it’s always a great practice to say ‘this or something better for the highest good of all’ after setting your intention. Now why is this important? Well for instance if you were manifesting an ex back for example (been there and done that!). It wasn’t for my highest good for him to come back in fact I was meant to move on, heal and then go on to manifest a new relationship. If the Universe always gave us what we wanted at that time it would be chaos, if I had of got my desire I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today and I would be miserable still stuck in that relationship. This is just one example but can you see already the importance of why it’s good to say ‘this or something better for the highest good of all’. You may have even had something manifest into your life which you later realised wasn’t for your highest good, remember the Universe is always listening and responding to our intentions and vibration, but equally it will always protect us from what’s not meant for us.

So start off by saying that mantra after setting your intensions as believe me it will save you a lot of hassle in the meantime and it means that what is truly meant for you will come in it’s divine timing. Now onto visualisation and why I very rarely do it. The truth is I used to be a control freak if I visualised something happening a certain way, that’s the ONLY way I would see it happening. Which as we know with the Law of Attraction isn’t trusting, surrendering or co-creating with the Universe. Visualisation can be a really powerful tool if you’re able to detach from the how’s and when’s, but if you’re like me and struggle with this I suggest dropping the visualisation and sticking to affirmations. Flowing with your manifestations means that you allow them to come into your life at the right time and in the right way they are meant to, this can certainly be easier said than done. I’ve been there kicking, screaming and resisting the flow of the Universe but again I wasn’t co-creating. I wouldn’t let the Universe have an input and this is where I was going wrong and blocking myself.

“When I allowed myself to fully surrender control, allowed my manifestations to be for the highest good of all and flowed with life. Life became easier.”

When I allowed myself to fully surrender control, allowed my manifestations to be for the highest good of all and flowed with life. Life became easier. Life became much easier and I was a lot happier. Resiting only lowered my vibration and ultimately it didn’t mean I was getting anywhere faster if anything it was only delaying the process. It’s great to have crystal clear clarity and know what you want from life, absolutely and this is key with the Law of Attraction but it’s about not being rigid with your vision, not holding the Universe to ransom and removing your agenda from the outcome. Think about it if you were in the ocean kicking, screaming and flustered you’re going to drown pretty quick. Yet when you stop resisting and allow yourself to float you let the ocean take you to where you need to be and it will deliver you to your shore much quicker than when you were resisting the current. The same analogy works with the Universe here. When you resist, fight and control you’re not getting anywhere quicker and you disrupt your inner peace in the process. When you allow, flow and meet the Universe 50% of the way with your inspired action you get to your destination so much quicker.

There are a lot of misconceptions with the Law of Attraction and controlling, forcing and attachment is certainly one of them which you can easily fall into if you’re following traditional texts or teachers that encourage you to visualise, hold that one focus and if it doesn’t appear exactly how you imagined it to – then it’s not your manifestation. Does any of that sound like co-creating to you? What if the Universe knew better? The Universe certainly does know what’s for your highest good and I can look back now and thank my lucky stars, not all of what I intended at the beginning of my journey happened. Simply because it wasn’t meant to and the Universe had an even better plan which would leave me even happier. I just couldn’t see that back then. Remember rejection is redirection Queen and protection by the Universe, a no may actually be the Universe’s way of getting you to the most aligned yes.

Life is smoother when you flow, life is easier when you flow and you will get to your end destination much quicker when you allow yourself to receive and trust in the Universe’ plan and divine timing. I hope this blog post has inspired you and will encourage you to flow more openly with the Universe and trust where it’s taking you currently. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Over the next few weeks, all of my blog posts and YouTube videos will be helping you to wrap up 2019 and this decade but also show you how to set yourself up for a successful 2020 and a brand new decade! Don’t forget you can join my FREE 7 day Manifesting Challenge starting on January 1st designed to help you kick start your manifesting journey in 2020, so make sure to sign up here to be involved! I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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