With 2017 nearly over, I thought it was about time to look back over the last twelve months and realise just how far I’ve come once again. 2017 has been an incredible year for me from moving into to my dream home to meeting the dream man to travelling the world and discovering even more of myself. Here are the most important things I learnt this year.

To Be Patient

I can admit that when it comes to manifestations and life, in general, I don’t wait around for anybody. I’m such a getup and go type of person I strongly believe this is why I have done so much this year and launched so many exciting things from courses, merchandise and podcasts. Mr C has certainly taught me to be more patient, one while waiting for The Universe to bring him into my life which took over a year from the original manifestation and secondly just to slow down a bit and relax more. He’s such a calming influence and as I have such high energy most of the time I need to be reminded to rest, relax and sit still!

To Accept That It’s Okay  Not To Know Everything

Again this must be a control trait but I’ve always wanted to know exactly what my life would be like and to almost plan it. That’s why I love going to Rachel my psychic so much because I would hate not knowing these things! I almost felt that if I knew everything then I could prepare for it, plan and schedule it into my planner. Yes, it pays to be organised especially in work, but we need to learn to be more relaxed in our personal life. The Universe has control over when our twin flames or soulmates e.t.c come into our lives and slowly but surely I’ve learnt to let go of the need to know when everything’s going to happen and learn to embrace the now and be grateful for my life right now. I have control to a certain extent of when big life changes will happen so I needn’t fear them as The Universe knows the exact perfect timing.

To Love The Haters Even More 

I’ve always been lucky that I don’t get much negativity online for my work, I get the few odd comments here and there but I normally delete them and never think about them again. Sadly, in the last few months, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to personally attack me online and reading such vile and disgusting things from such ‘positive’ and supposedly ‘spiritual’ people has hurt more than anything from my past. Simply because when all I’m trying to do is help people and share love and light into the world what am I doing wrong? Yes, it probably stems from jealousy but I just don’t grasp why people who practise this would be so vile to someone. So, from these experiences, I’ve learnt to not just delete and ignore the comments but to send them love and light because they need it the most. No matter how much I’m hurting from reading those words, I can guarantee they hate themselves more. So always snap out of victim mode and heal your haters because they need to feel the love.

To Be Firecelessly Emma

Since re-branding, I’ve had so much confirmation spiritually and from you amazing guys that it was the right decision. I debated for so long about whether dropping Coupon Queen was the right idea and whether selling my Extreme Couponing and Deals UK brand was also a good idea. Through much meditation and soul searching I realised that I’ve totally transformed since my Coupon Queen days and I shouldn’t feel bad about that. I’m so much more fulfilled in life now and need to honour who I am and honour my brands. My couponing brands deserve so much more and to help more people with a dedicated team behind it. I want to dedicate my time to this blog, YouTube, life coaching, podcasts and to Emma. She deserves it after working flat out for over four years now.

To Push Myself More 

This year has certainly been about pushing my myself to the limits. I’ve been such a yes person and conquered my fears, travelled the world and pushed my work to new heights. I honestly don’t know where I find the time to do this all but because I’m so fulfilled and at peace with this work it never really feels like work anyway. I’ve learnt that it’s okay to ask for the things I want to achieve in life and I shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to get my message out to the world. I’ve also now launched a full merchandise range which I’m so pleased about as all the products are stunning. The feedback I’ve had is so heartwarming and I love how they are helping you to feel positive and change your lives.

That No Matter What The Universe Has My Back
Finally, over the last year, I’ve learnt to remind myself that no matter what The Universe has my back and everything that I was worried about last year doesn’t even matter now. All the pain was worth it, and the happiness I have now is far greater than anything I left behind. The Universe was leading me to this path and I’m so glad that I’m finally in alignment with who I’m meant to be and that I’m surrounded by such incredible positive followers, friends, family and twin flame who I love more than anything.


So there you have it guys, that’s everything I’ve learnt over the last twelve months. I hope this blog post has helped you to see how far we’ve all come in a year and how awesome 2018 will be! I’m certainly looking forward to all the exciting opportunities ahead of me and a brand new beginning as Spiritual Queen.
Emma xx
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