With 2017 nearly behind us, I’ve found myself reflecting a lot on this year. The celebrations, the hardships and the challenges I’ve faced. Even though it’s been my best year yet, I’ve still had my tests from The Universe and have been learning to raise my standards even more.

I want to start off this post by saying thank you for being you and showing up to The Universe every day. Also that we can’t save everybody. This is a phrase The Universe has been drilling into me recently and to protect my energy. I’m a born lightworker, giver and lover I’d do anything to make someone feel better or to help them see things differently. Sadly, not everyone wants to see the love and light in this world and we can’t help that. Raising your standards comes in many forms, I first did that when I left my ex and made the bold statement of ‘I don’t want anything less than my twin flame now’. I lived by that and didn’t allow anything less into my life until he showed up.

I then had to do this with friends who just didn’t get me, didn’t support me and didn’t have my back. I isolated myself really until positive amazing people came into my life who turned out to be my soul sisters. I did it with my businesses in order to attract more money, I upped my prices and didn’t accept any less than my worth. Now companies don’t even try to haggle me down because I don’t need their money. I will only work for companies I strongly believe in and who know my worth. You can see by not tolerating the meaningless bullshit anymore I opened the door up to pure abundance and The Universe saying ‘YASSS girl your finally getting it!’.


So many of you ask how to remove negative people from your life and my answer again is raise your standards! Take responsibility for your part in that relationship even if it’s simply you tolerated too much. Get yourself out of victim mode straight away and walk away. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone and the energy vampires will want an explanation, trust me! Just send them love and light and move on. You will feel so much better after doing this and ask your Angels to protect you against the person if you don’t want to see them e.t.c. We live in a conditioned society where removing people from our lives is essentially killing them off, I’m sorry but let’s just think about that ridiculous theory for a second! We are the light-givers and sadly some people will want to take that light from you because they can’t see it themselves.

Projection is another way energy vampires can creep back in. They will paint a terrible picture of you call you this call you that, yet won’t take or even admit responsibility for the failings of the relationship themselves. This is not your problem, just know all negativity stems from inside them, what they’re saying about you is actually what they think of themselves. So you may be hurting but they’ll be hurting themselves more, so remember to send them love and light. The Universe will always give you what you’re tolerating so raise your standards! It’s important to chord cut after raising your standards to ensure your energy isn’t affected anymore. There are some great Angelic chord cutting meditations on YouTube with Doreen Virtue. So make sure to follow these and keep it up until the chord has firmly been cut between you. Finally, always remember ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’.

I hope this blog post has helped you to remember to always raise your standards. Don’t forget my NEW law of attraction merchandise is available in my Blog shop now! I hope you all have a fantastic end to 2017 and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Emma xx
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